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At Spencer Publications, Liam and Wyatt joke around in the wake of Wyatt’s announcement that he’s going to propose to Flo. Turning serious, Wyatt says he can’t wait to make her his wife. Talk swings briefly to Liam’s break-up, but he wants to keep the focus on Wyatt and continues to tease him. Liam’s floored to learn that Wyatt is popping the question today; he just has to go home and set the scene. He orders his brother to let him know how it goes right afterward and departs.
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At Forrester Creations, Flo is stunned at the Logan sisters asking her to take the Logan name. They assure her there’s no pressure, but Donna thinks ‘Flo Logan’ has a nice ring to it. As Flo remains in silence, they chatter about how they may have been presumptuous and bring Shauna into the conversation. Shauna relays that her biggest regret is that Flo didn’t get to know her dad. She can’t change it, so all that matters is how Flo feels. “Sweetheart, do you want to become Flo Logan?” Shauna and Flo step aside to discuss it. Flo knows how difficult it was for Shauna bringing her up alone and doesn’t want to disrespect that. Shauna urges her to take the Logan name.
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Flo rejoins the Logan sisters and tearfully accepts. She would love to take their name and will do everything in her power to make them proud. Katie sniffles, “Okay, let’s do this.” She pushes the documents across the desk and Flo signs them. Donna stamps the paperwork and they all tear up. Katie says, “Welcome to the family, Flo Logan.” Donna goes off to find Carter and file the documents. Shauna tells Brooke and Katie she’s never seen Flo so thrilled; it means a lot to be embraced by her father’s family. Katie knows Storm would want them to love and protect his daughter the way he always did them.
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Flo arrives at Spencer Publications, where Wyatt scrambles to hide the ring. She gushes about the amazing day she’s had and doesn’t even know where to start. As she rambles, Wyatt stops her to take a breath. Flo relays that she and Shauna were summoned by the Logan sisters, who had legal paperwork drawn up. Wyatt urges her to spill. Flo declares he’s no longer looking at Flo Fulton, but Flo Logan. It’s official! Wyatt exclaims; this is amazing. Flo enthuses about the turn of events and doesn’t see how anything could top all the good things happening in her life.

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Wyatt clears his throat. He recaps how they found each other again and says he wants to build a fantastic future with her. “I want you right by my side for every single moment and for the rest of our lives.” He pulls out the ring and Flo’s eyes fill with tears. He knows she just became a Logan, but he wonders if she’d be open to changing her name again and become Mrs. Wyatt Spencer. On one knee he proposes. Flo accepts and he places the ring on her finger. They embrace. Wyatt, choked up, says, “I love you.”
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Back at Forrester Creations, Brooke admits to Shauna that it took some coaxing for her to do this, but Flo will be a part of their family… now and always. Shauna replies, “Thank you so much, Brooke,” and then leaves. A tear rolls down Brooke’s face.

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