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At Spencer Publications, Liam tells Wyatt that Bill let him crash at his place but he didn’t sleep well. Wyatt wishes he could help; he hates to hear that he and Hope have separated. Liam states he’s the only one to blame. Wyatt is pulling for them; they’ve overcome so much! Liam grimaces; that’s exactly what he tried to tell Hope. Wyatt complains that one night doesn’t need to define their whole marriage. Liam assures his brother he’ll keep trying to convince Hope to believe in him; but he’ll have to be patient, which isn’t his strong suit. He changes the conversation to Wyatt and Flo.
Liam separation B&B

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Wyatt shares that he and Flo are doing great; particularly now that her aunts have accepted her. “I see a long and happy future for Flo and me.” Liam’s happy for him. Wyatt understands if he has residual issues with Flo. Liam assures him he let go of his anger toward her long ago; she really didn’t know what she was getting herself into and she really did try to be honest. Wyatt exclaims, “Exactly!” He’s relieved to have Liam and Bill’s support. Liam accuses Wyatt of giving off a mysterious vibe and wonders if it has to do with Flo. Wyatt deflects; he doesn’t want to do this right now while Liam’s going through a separation. Liam insists he open up; he seems giddy. Wyatt relents; “Fine, fine!” He gushes about Flo and reveals he never wants to be apart from her again. Wyatt pulls out an engagement ring and Liam hollers. Wyatt is going to ask Flo to be his wife.

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At Forrester Creations, Donna, Katie and Brooke lament Hope’s separation. Brooke urged her to forgive Liam knowing how she feels about him but she’s not there yet. Katie muses that it’s a lot to forgive. Brooke still can’t believe Liam spent the night with Steffy, but he has a lot of regrets and loves her daughter very much. Donna figures Hope maybe just needs some time. Brooke reminds them she hasn’t said she’s given up. She thinks time will heal all wounds and she and Liam will get back together. “They have to survive this.” Katie recaps how the Logan women are there for each other. She’s so proud of Brooke for welcoming Flo into the family; she knows how much it would mean to Storm. Brooke feels they should reach out to her and her sisters agree.
Brooke discusses separation B&B

In the design office, Shauna marvels at Flo settling into her new job and is so proud of her. Flo reveals she might be working on Hope for the Future. She’s so excited. Shauna advises her never to forget that they’re lucky to have her. Flo is keen to connect with her aunts and anticipates being able to do the same thing with Hope at some point. They go over how Katie has changed her life. Flo’s grateful for her Logan family. She shares that Brooke told her Hope and Liam have separated. Shauna clucks that infidelity is hard to get past. Flo hopes to find a way to fix things with Hope, but right now she has to concentrate on her marriage. Flo takes a call from Katie, who asks her and Shauna to stop by the CEO office.
Shauna proud B&B

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In the main office, Brooke muses, “It’s finally happening. It’s a big day for the Logan family.” Flo and Shauna enter. Shauna thanks the Logans for accepting her daughter and Flo makes a speech about feeling connected to her father. Katie and Brooke reveal they want to make it official and give Flo her father’s name. Flo’s stunned as they present her with legal documents and ask her to take the Logan name and become Flo Logan.

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