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At Forrester Creations, Brooke listens outside the office as Thomas tells Ridge he knows he’s not going to be with Hope and has made peace with that. Brooke enters and says she’s glad to hear him say that… especially now that Hope has called Liam to the cabin. She believes she’s made a decision about her marriage. Brooke confirms that she urged her daughter to forgive Liam. Thomas is concerned; he feels that either way, this has to be really difficult for Hope. Brooke’s impressed with Thomas, who reiterates that his only agenda is to see Hope happy.
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After Thomas exits, Brooke worries to Ridge that Hope will give up because of one awful night and exclaims, “She has to forgive Liam!” Ridge reminds her to trust that Hope will make the right decision. Brooke clucks that her pain may cloud her judgement. She doesn’t want her to forget what’s she created — she has a wonderful marriage and kids.

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt and Flo are startled to find Bill in quiet contemplation. Bill admits he’s worried about Liam. Wyatt wonders if Hope’s decided she can’t forgive him. He learns Hope called his brother over to the cabin and thinks it’s a good sign. Bill roars that it’s all because of that twisted freak Thomas kissing a mannequin. He concedes that Liam did something wrong but he doesn’t deserve to lose his marriage. Wyatt thinks Hope and Liam will be fine either way, which irritates Bill.
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In the cabin, Liam senses that Hope’s made a decision and makes another appeal to stay together. Hope proclaims that it’s time for them to find stability and move forward. Liam pleads, “Move forward together, right?” Hope clarifies that they’ll always move forward together because of Beth. Liam points out their relationship goes deeper than that and references growing old together. Hope explains what they were building has cracks in the foundation. “I can’t do it anymore. Not like this.” Liam declares that he needs help so he doesn’t run away again… but it’s not right for her to run away either. Hope wants to forgive him; she wants to look at him and not see betrayal. Liam insists they need to move forward together, otherwise it feels like moving backwards.

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Liam presses Hope to give him a chance to prove himself. Hope’s grateful he’s fighting so hard for them but she can’t do it anymore; she’s tired. She needs space and time to process all of this. Tears fall as she states, “Liam. I want a separation.” Liam’s jaw drops; he’s appalled that they would give up after all they’ve been through. They endured losing Beth together; every obstacle has made them stronger and this won’t be any different. “I hope. I really hope.” She replies, “So do I, Liam.” He wonders if that means she’s not ready to close the door. Hope doesn’t know.
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Liam pleads that the good outweighs the bad. Hope agrees some of the best moments of her life happened with him. They flash through happy memories. Hope tells Liam she’ll always love him… and then tells him goodbye. Liam asks, “Goodbye for now?” She doesn’t respond and keeps her back turned to him, so he leaves. After, they both cry.

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