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In the cabin, Hope tells Brooke about Douglas sketching a dress for Beth; he wants to be just like Thomas. Brooke senses something is on her mind and wonders if it’s about her and Liam. Hope can’t pretend what happened that night wasn’t a big deal; especially now that Liam confirmed her worst fears. Brooke’s horrified to hear he told Steffy he loved her, but still doesn’t think Hope should let it blow her marriage apart. They go over how Liam didn’t even wait five minutes before running to Steffy. Hope thinks he was just waiting for an excuse. Brooke argues he just made a mistake, which he regrets. She hates that this happened to Hope and that it leaves her vulnerable to Thomas. Hope won’t discuss Thomas. Brooke states that as difficult as this is for her, she has to forgive her husband.
Brooke advises Hope B&B

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At Spencer Publications, Bill talks to Liam about a deal in Houston but his son is in another world. He tells his father it’s not a great time for him to leave town. Bill urges him to open up. They go over Liam breaking his marriage vows and betraying Hope’s trust. Bill thinks Hope will stick by him again, especially now that Steffy’s baby has been proven to be Finn’s. Liam sighs; it doesn’t change the reality of what happened that night. Bill advises his son to do whatever it takes to win Hope back. Liam gets a call from Hope, who asks him to come home. Liam disconnects and Bill urges him to go home and do whatever it takes to spare himself the regret he wakes up to every morning.
Liam opens up to Bill B&B

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At Forrester Creations, Thomas tells Ridge that he and Eric give him something to aspire to. Ridge is proud of his son for committing to his future as a designer but questions if he still wants Hope. Thomas relays that working on Hope’s line is one of the most satisfying things he’s ever done; she’s so encouraging. Ridge wants to know if he needs to be concerned about him having feelings for Liam’s wife. Thomas reminds him he told Hope about the paternity test results; the old Thomas wouldn’t have done that. He says having feelings and acting on them are two different things; Ridge has no reason to worry. His father is still leery and doesn’t want Thomas falling down that rabbit hole again.
Thomas answers Ridge's questions B&B

Thomas understands his father’s concern; he’s battled his share of demons. He doesn’t want to see Hope in pain. Ridge muses that she’ll have to figure out if she still wants her relationship with Liam; they may not survive this. Thomas is focused on his work and Douglas. He’s grateful to Hope for being an amazing co-parent and doesn’t know what he’d do without her. Ridge reminds Thomas that Hope isn’t available to him. Thomas gets that, but admits if she came to him and told him she wanted them to be a family, he’d be ecstatic. He’ll always love her, but he’s not obsessed anymore.

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In the cabin, Brooke tells Hope she’ll have to decide for herself, but she speaks from experience when she says that sometimes people makes mistakes. Love is forgiveness. Hope appreciates her support, but Liam’s going to be home any minute. Brooke heads to the door, but stops to advise her daughter to remember all the good things and not throw it away for pride, before leaving.

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Liam arrives at the cabin and learns the kids are with Donna. Hope informs him they need to talk. She’s been struggling and the baby not being his doesn’t erase the night with Steffy. Liam can only hope she’ll give him the chance to prove he’s worth forgiving. Hope knows they’ve been in limbo and she wants to be capable of forgiveness, but she can’t get that night out of her head. He slept with Steffy and told her he loved her; she doesn’t know how to move on from that. They need to get past this feeling of being stuck and figure out what the future holds for their marriage.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope makes a decision about her marriage.

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