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In the cabin, Hope confides in Brooke about the thoughts constantly running through her head. She feels it will only be worse once the baby finally arrives. Brooke acknowledges it’s a lot to deal with and asks how she’s coping. Hope’s in survival mode. Brooke urges her to open up. Hope reflects on how she was happy and secure, but now all of that’s changed. Brooke agrees this is hard to navigate; there’s not playbook for how to deal with your husband having a child with another woman. Hope feels she’s mourning for her marriage, though they haven’t spoken about divorce yet, they also can’t go back to how things were.

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Brooke counsels that this could make them stronger — like her and Ridge. Hope shares that Liam is hoping for forgiveness. Brooke wonders if her daughter is there yet. She’s trying. Hope believes Liam truly loves her deep down and he’s genuinely remorseful. She sighs, “Why can’t that be enough?” Hope still wants to know why he did it. Brooke clucks, “Maybe he just made a terrible mistake.” She wants Hope to forgive Liam but either way, she’ll have her support. Hope has no idea what the future holds for her and Liam.
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At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Steffy discuss her pregnancy. She wanted it to be Finn’s. Ridge gets it. Steffy muses she loves the child, but isn’t the only one who wishes things were different. Steffy knows Liam will be devoted to the baby, but she can’t help but imagine what it would be like if that test had been different. They go over how great Finn is and how lucky they are to have each other. Steffy can’t understand why she was with Liam that night, but she’s relieved Finn was able to accept it and embraced her pregnancy. Despite that, she knows he’s in pain. Steffy reveals she’s come to a decision. She hopes her father will understand and support her.

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Steffy declares she has to put the baby first and manage her stress. She feels terrible for Finn; it’s not fair to him. He has no idea what he’s getting himself into. “I need to set him free, Dad.” Ridge is bowled over and confused. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I really don’t.” He reminds her Finn was just there vowing to stand by her. Steffy thinks her baggage will only cause him heartache. Ridge argues, but to no avail. Steffy’s made her decision; she won’t put Finn through this. “I’m taking Kelly and I’m leaving.” Ridge gawps, “You’re what?!” Steffy replies, “I’m going to Paris.”
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In the lab, Vinny insists paternity tests don’t lie. Thomas intones, “But people do.” Finn demands to know if the test is accurate, and Thomas presses, “Vinny. Did you manipulate the results or not?” Vinny protests, but Thomas realizes he’s been acting weird for weeks. Vinny argues he wouldn’t put his job on the line and turns to Finn, “You aren’t falling for this are you, Doc?” Finn muses about Vinny wanting Thomas to win Hope. Thomas, frustrated, hollers, “Oh Vinny, just admit it. Admit you rigged the paternity test!”
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Thomas marvels about his pal’s sudden technical knowledge of the test. Vinny, exasperated, exclaims that he works in the lab and offers to brush up Thomas on the cholesterol panels. Thomas doesn’t want to be with Hope this way and points out how this hurts his sister, who wants to be with Finn. As Thomas pressures Vinny to come clean and Vinny argues, Thomas lunges for him. Vinny punches Thomas. Next, Finn launches himself across the lab and sucker punches Vinny in the face. Thomas yells at Vinny to confess. Vinny, on the floor, sputters, “Okay yes I did it! Thomas I did it for you!” Thomas asks if it showed Finn was the father and Finn rages, “This is my life! I deserve to know the truth! Is Steffy carrying my baby?!”

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