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In the lab, Thomas presses Vinny to prove that he didn’t mess with the paternity test. He demands he log in and show him; Vinny had the know-how and access to alter the test results. Did he do it? When Vinny remains silent, Thomas barks, “Answer me!” Vinny insists paternity results don’t lie. Thomas wants to believe him but a lot of people would be affected if he changed the test results. Vinny urges Thomas to stop getting worked up. “Everything’s cool, I promise.” Thomas smirks; Vinny’s been talking his way out of things since they were kids. Vinny tells him his line of questioning is a dead end and wants to put it all behind them. He shows Thomas the door, but reminds him if Hope does leave Liam, he deserves to be with her.
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At Forrester Creations, Ridge is delighted when Steffy feels the baby move. Finn enters and Ridge quips they’re trying to figure out which soccer team his grandchild should play for. Steffy grins, “I felt a flutter.” Finn says that was the way he felt when he first saw her. As they flirt, Ridge interjects, “Really? If this is what you do in front of me…” Steffy cringes and tells her dad to stop being weird. They keep it up while perusing designs and Ridge calls them cheesy. Talk turns to her unborn child. Steffy will love her kid no matter what, but wishes the circumstances were different. They go over how deeply Steffy felt it was Finn’s child; the results didn’t make sense. Ridge urges her to focus on the baby and reminds her Finn’s not going anywhere. Finn vows to be there to love and help raise the child regardless. After Finn leaves, Steffy laments not having the doctor’s baby.
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In the design office, Paris is really sorry to hear that Carter called off his engagement to Zoe and ended their relationship. Zoe doesn’t want to hear it, she just wants her sister to leave — now. Paris feels she’s lashing out because she’s hurting and offers to talk to Carter. Zoe doesn’t think he’ll change his mind. She wails that they’re not going to be a couple again and it’s all because Paris couldn’t mind her own business. Why couldn’t she stay away and let her be happy for once?!
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Zoe insists Paris is a back-stabber who needs to leave and find a life away from her. Zoe admits she wanted to see where things could go with Zende, but she still loved Carter. She thinks Paris is happy about how things have turned out; it’s the reason she didn’t stop Ridge from coming to find them. “I am dead serious. Pack your bags and go.” Paris replies, “No.” She’s not going anywhere and is tired of being pushed around by her sibling. Paris informs Zoe she’s suffering right now because of her own actions. She needs to take responsibility; maybe it will help her in the future. Zoe’s outraged. Paris won’t throw away her happiness because Zoe’s upset with her. “I’m a grown woman and will make my own decisions about my life and my future, not you.”
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At the lab, Thomas wishes he could believe Vinny but every time he brings up Hope he becomes suspicious. Finn arrives outside the door as they argue over whether or not Vinny changed the test to help Thomas get with Hope. Thomas asks, “Vinny. Did you or did you not change Steffy’s paternity test results?” Finn enters, “I’d like the answer to that too, Vinny.” He is a doctor at the hospital and will find out the truth. “Is Thomas right? Could I be the father of Steffy’s baby?” Vinny looks ill.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge is stunned when Steffy announces a life-changing decision.

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