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At Forrester Creations, Steffy tells Thomas how proud she is of the choices he’s been making. He asks about her and she opens up about having another baby with Liam — she can’t dispute the test results. Thomas flashes to asking Vinny if he messed with the results. Ridge enters and asks if they’ve seen Carter or Zoe. They haven’t. Ridge muses if they’re together, it could be for the last time. He just wants his friend to be happy. Thomas has somewhere to go and rushes out. Steffy and Ridge exchange a look.

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In the loft, Zoe pleads with Carter not to give up on them. Carter wishes he could believe her words and tears were sincere. Zoe urges, “Let’s get married. As soon as possible.” She wants to stand by him forever. Carter loves her, but he can’t get past what she did. He declares they had their chance. Zoe protests and he roars, “It’s over!” He can’t trust her the way a man should trust his wife. Carter tells her she can keep the ring, but adds, “Take it off so there’s no confusion.” Zoe places the ring on the table and vows to win back his trust one day.
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At the Forrester mansion, Paris raves about the catered meal and the dress Zende designed for her. She teases a girl could get used to this. Zende chuckles; his evil plan is working. They gush over the gown and Zende lets her know she’s beautiful. Paris doesn’t know how to thank him, but he knows exactly what she can do. There are two things; he wants her to teach him about her work and he wants her to sing for him. Paris thinks it’s the least she could do and launches into a song. After, Zende claps and gapes, “What?” She’s so talented. Paris thanks him for setting this all up. Zende is keen to get back to work and feels like he’s on fire right now.
Zende teases evil plan B&B

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Zoe finds Ridge in his office and updates him that Carter called off the engagement. She snarks that he must be happy. Ridge asks, “You think seeing my friend in pain makes me happy?” Once again, she asks Ridge to put in a good word; she doesn’t want to lose Carter. Ridge tells her she messed up and to deal with the consequences.

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In the design office, Paris is stunned when Zoe enters and rants that Carter called off their engagement. “And it’s all because of you!” She rages that she begged for a second chance but Carter wouldn’t listen. Paris screwed everything up. Paris argues that not everything is about Zoe; she’s been living her own life. Zoe rails about Paris pushing into her life. “I can’t take it anymore. I want you gone. Today.”

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Thomas finds Vinny in the lab and asks what’s new and exciting. Vinny warns he’s not supposed to be in there. Thomas saw Steffy, who was so sure the baby was Finn’s. Vinny protests; they’ve been over this. Thomas wants to believe him, but recalls when Vin stole the answer sheet from the teacher to help him in high school. He wants Vinny to bring up the results on the computer to prove he’s not lying. Vinny could get fired and refuses. Thomas, shouting, demands, “Show me, Vinny. Show me now!”
Thomas, Vinny grill B&B

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In the main office, Ridge tells Steffy that pregnancy looks good on her. She sighs deeply over the circumstances.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Zoe verbally attacks Paris.

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