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Bill arrives at Spencer Publications and decries Wyatt just hanging out with Shauna. Wyatt protests, “We’re waiting for Flo!” Bill crabs they should just fill the place up with Fultons instead of maybe getting some work done. Wyatt explains Katie called Flo over to Forrester Creations and they don’t know why. They debate whether the Logans may have changed their minds and Wyatt recaps why it meant so much to Flo to be accepted by her father’s family.
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Shauna hopes Bill will embrace her daughter another chance as it won’t be too long before Wyatt pops the question. Wyatt wants to focus on what’s happening now; it’s what Flo has wanted for so long.

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At Forrester Creations, Flo thanks everyone, including Ridge, for the job offer. Ridge is happy to help any way he can. Carter enters and Ridge introduces him to the new hire, while Brooke chimes in that she’s also the newest member of the Logan family. Carter thinks it’s nice seeing family come together. Katie wants Flo’s help in PR working with Paris on the foundation. Flo thanks Ridge again before following the women out.

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Once alone, Carter wants to know how that happened. Ridge is more interested in hearing about his conversation with Zoe. Carter was prepared to move on but then Zoe came to talk to him and apologized. Ridge guesses he wants to give the engagement another shot. Carter laments that the woman he loves has feelings for someone else. He wanted a life with her but Zoe wanted to see if she could have a future with Zende.
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In the studio, Zende’s telling Paris how amazing she is when Zoe appears. Her sister quickly realizes something’s wrong. Zoe panics that her relationship with Carter is dangerously close to being over. She has to convince him not to end their engagement! Katie arrives with Flo, who greets Zoe and is introduced to Paris and Zende. Paris welcomes Flo to the team. Flo tells Zoe it was good to see her before leaving with Katie. Paris asks Zoe if that was the Flo. Zoe confirms it. Zende remarks on how forgiving people around there can be. Zoe swerves back to Carter and decides she needs to do whatever it takes to get him back. Once alone, Zende takes Paris off — he has a surprise for her.
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Flo returns to Spencer Publications and shares her good news. Bill throws his hands up and warns Wyatt to save the celebrating for home before as he leaves the office. Shauna’s thrilled for her daughter. Once alone, Wyatt and Flo go over the beauty of second chances and their prospects for the future.

Zoe uses her key to let herself into Carter’s loft. Soon, Carter arrives to find Zoe descending the staircase in a gorgeous green gown and saying, “Welcome home.” Carter’s stunned as she reminds him he proposed to her right there. Zoe loves him and wouldn’t have accepted his proposal if she didn’t. She’s sorry for hurting him and knows he still loves her. They can still have the future they were planning. “It can all begin right now.”
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At the Forrester mansion, Zende wants Paris to put work out of her mind and focus on herself for a change. He wants to spend some time with her. She thinks it’s a sweet surprise. He assures her there are more coming.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Carter faces a decision about his future.

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