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At Forrester Creations, Katie and Donna hope Brooke didn’t feel too pressured by them the other day to accept Flo. Brooke reflects that what she did was very hurtful but it’s time to move forward since she’s Stormy’s daughter. Katie has an idea for a way to welcome her to the fold.

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At Spencer Publications, Flo and Wyatt celebrate her ‘win’ with the Logans and she gushes about how sweet he was for going to bat for her. Wyatt goes on about what a wonderful person she is — she deserved to be accepted by her family. Shauna enters and Flo recaps that thanks to Wyatt she’s going to have a relationship with her family. Shauna hopes Flo and her aunts can honor Storm by reconnecting. Flo gets a text to come to Forrester again and wonders if they changed their minds. Wyatt and Shauna reassure her. After Flo leaves, Shauna wonders what she’s walking into this time.
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In the Forrester design office, Ridge cuts off Carter’s business talk to ask how he’s doing. He doesn’t know how to get past Zoe throwing herself at Zende. Ridge tells him the ball’s in his court. Carter, irritated, reminds Ridge he ended it. They go over Zoe being scared because they moved too fast. Ridge feels Carter deserves a woman who is 100% committed to him.
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In the studio, Paris chatters to a distracted Zoe. She can’t stop thinking about Carter and how she may have ruined their future together. Paris can’t understand why she jeopardized it to flirt with Zende. Just then, Zende appears. He’s sorry. Zoe explains it wasn’t just his fault and tells him and Paris she’s determined to win Carter’s trust back. Paris and Zende are hopeful.
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After Zoe exits, Paris shares her concerns about her sister with Zende. She’s seen this behavior in the past and thinks Carter would make a fantastic husband for her. Zende’s amazed she still has sympathy for Zoe. Paris will always want the best for her sibling. Zende’s wowed by her and has a surprise in store to show her how happy he is she came to L.A.

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In Forrester’s main office, Katie tells Donna and Brooke that Flo is on her way over. Brooke wonders what Katie has in mind. Ridge enters and learns they’ve decided to put the animosity with Flo in the past… it’s what Stormy would want. Katie explains she wants to offer Flo a job at Forrester Creations. Brooke’s jaw drops. Ridge reminds Katie what Flo did to their family. Brooke is surprised — to have her work there every single day? How would Hope and Steffy feel about that?! Katie argues they’re working with Zoe and Thomas. If they don’t give her a break, Hope and Steffy won’t ever be able to forgive her. Donna thinks it would be a meaningful gesture.

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Just then, Flo enters. Brooke informs her that Katie came up with an idea to put action behind their words by bringing her on board at Forrester Creations. Ridge interjects that they haven’t forgotten the past but if this is what Brooke wants he’ll agree. Katie suggests she work with her in PR. Flo gasps that this is incredible. She can feel her father looking down and will make him and them very proud.

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Zoe joins Carter in the design office and appeals to him to let her come back. He balks. Zoe would at least like to talk about their future. Carter’s not sure they have one. Zoe understands she hurt him and betrayed his trust, but she can’t go back and fix those things. She can only promise it will never happen again. Zoe’s feelings for him are still there except now they’re stronger since she got a taste of what it’s like to lose him. She apologizes for breaking his heart and begs for his forgiveness.
Carter, Zoe another chance B&B

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