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In Forrester Creations’ office, Thomas leaves Vinny a voicemail telling him he’s sorry he got called away the other day, but he still needs answers to his question. Steffy enters as Thomas punctuates his call by saying, “I need the truth, Vinny.” Steffy muses he seemed angry and asks what’s going on. Thomas tells her he may just be being overprotective — he hopes that’s all it is — but if Vinny’s up to something he’ll find out. Steffy questions Thomas, who mentions Vinny has a new job. Steffy muses that Vinny’s always had his back and would do anything for him. That’s what Thomas is worried about.
Steffy questions B&B

In the lab, Vinny reads Thomas’ texts urging him to get in touch with him.

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In the design office, Katie talks to Paris and Hope about work but Hope is totally distracted. The trio discuss Hope’s marriage as she recaps that Steffy is having Liam’s baby. She’s not sure what she’s going to do. Katie complains that Liam should never have put her in this position, but if they’re determined to fight for their marriage they may be able to get through this. Hope explains it feels like one betrayal too many and she can’t imagine how she’ll feel when Steffy’s baby is born. She was awake all night and now is just blathering on and on. Paris and Katie are supportive. Hope explains she still wants what’s best for Steffy’s child, she just wishes she had a magic wand and could make Finn the father.
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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt and Flo discuss the effect of Steffy’s pregnancy on Liam’s marriage. Flo would like to reach out to her cousin Hope but laments that she still hasn’t been fully embraced by her family. They go over the baby secret and Wyatt points out that Hope has moved on and is working with Zoe now. Nonetheless, Flo wouldn’t blame the Logans if they never accepted her. Wyatt makes excuses for what she did but Flo’s beats herself up. She may never forgive herself.
Flo opens up B&B

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Wyatt thinks the kidney she gave to Katie should count for something. Flo muses that Brooke and Donna talked about forgiveness a while back but nothing really came of it. Wyatt exclaims that they don’t know what they’re missing out on. He assures her the Logans will warm up to her, but Flo thinks she reminds them of the brother they lost. She tears up reflecting that if she hadn’t screwed all of this up, they’d have welcomed her with open arms.
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Hope joins Steffy in the main office as Thomas exits and sends another text. Hope tells Steffy she’s glowing and Steffy relays the morning sickness is fading. Hope asks if she’ll find out the gender. Steffy’s not sure yet and just wants a healthy baby. Hope wants that too. Steffy apologizes for turning her whole world upside-down.

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At the lab, Vinny realizes Thomas has messaged him again and listens to his voicemail demanding to know if he messed with the paternity test. When Thomas calls again from the design office, Vinny answers and tells him he’s busy at the lab. Thomas is interrupted by Paris so orders Vinny to meet him at the apartment. Vinny disconnects and chews his lip in consternation.

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In the design office, Katie assures Wyatt she’s always happy to see him. They discuss the possibility of her and Bill getting back together — he’s in favor of it. Katie suspects Bill sent him but he’s actually there about something else.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy is forced to intervene when Finn and Liam compete for her attention.

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