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Liam vents to Wyatt and Flo at Spencer Publications. He doesn’t think Hope will ever forgive him. Wyatt reminds Liam how much Hope loves him. Liam rambles on and on but Flo and Wyatt urge him to stay positive. Liam plans to spend his days making up for the hurt he’s caused. Once Liam leaves, Flo looks at her wrist and thanks Wyatt for the Valentine’s gift then talk resumes to Liam and Hope. Flo doesn’t think, in the long run, Liam and Hope’s marriage will survive.

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At Forrester, Steffy talks to her father about a future campaign and Ridge suggests she discuss some details with Hope. Steffy still can’t believe the mess they are in and doesn’t think Hope’s going to forgive Liam. Ridge asks how Finn is feeling. Suddenly, Finn appears with flowers and makes it clear he can’t wait to plan their future. Ridge urges them not to stress about things they can’t change, and Finn vows to make sure Steffy is taken care of. Ridge thanks Finn for standing by Steffy’s side. Finn promises to always be there and to face whatever comes. Ridge steps out, and Steffy sighs, “I wish this child was ours.” Finn wanted that too but he will love this baby all the same. They’ll be a family. Steffy wishes she wouldn’t have slipped back into old habits and had made Finn a priority.

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Vinny listens outside the design studio as Thomas offers Hope his undying support. When Hope expresses how much she appreciates Thomas, Vinny smiles. As they talk about the paternity test, Vinny steps inside and makes himself known and points out how much of a support Thomas will be for Hope. After Hope leaves, Thomas asks, “What the hell’s wrong with you?” Thomas takes a call then snaps at Vinny for his earlier comment — it made Hope uncomfortable and why would he even say that?! Vinny only reminds Thomas that Hope needs him now more than ever. When Vinny starts talking about specific terms in regard to the DNA test, Thomas appears suspicious of Vinny’s knowledge and calls him out. Vinny reminds him he’s worked at the lab for a while now — he’s not stupid — and again talks about how much Hope will need him and how Thomas will one day thank his friend Vinny for reminding him of this.

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Hope arrives home to find Liam, who again starts apologizing profusely. He can see the pain he’s caused Hope. She believes he regrets what happened but it doesn’t stop the pain. Liam gets on bended knee before Hope and again goes over all he’s done to her. However, he loves the life they’ve made and isn’t ready to give it up. Hope can’t forget how Liam broke her heart — or that Steffy is now pregnant with his child.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy delivers a powerful speech.

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