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In the cabin, Liam bemoans to Hope that the paternity test results weren’t what they wanted — they all hoped Finn would be the father — but this doesn’t have to be the end for them. Hope angrily asks him to stop apologizing. She can’t get the doctor’s voice out of her mind and tearfully wonders how Liam could have done this and jeopardize everything they have together. Hope rages that he’s thrown it all away over a moment of insecurity and breaks down crying. Liam hates himself and pleads with her not to give up on them.

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At the cliffhouse, Steffy gets a text that the nanny is staying out longer with Kelly before telling Finn how sorry she is. She wishes the life growing inside of her was his.
Steffy phone B&B

At Forrester Creations, Thomas waits to hear from Ridge about the paternity test results. Vinny asks him to be honest — he wants the kid to be Liam’s, right? Thomas avoids answering but Vinny presses the point. If Liam’s the father, Thomas has a shot with Hope.

At Brooke’s place, she and Ridge await news on the paternity test results. Ridge gathers Brooke wants him to reach out to Steffy so he texts her.
Brooke, Ridge debate B&B

In Malibu, Steffy gets her father’s text and replies to let him know the baby is not Finn’s.

In Brooke’s living room, Ridge reads Steffy’s text and shares the news. Brooke agonizes, “No. Hope…” She worries how much heartache her daughter can possibly endure. Just then, Bridget walks in.
Bridget visits home B&B

Bridget explains she’s filling in for a colleague at a conference. Bridget senses something’s wrong and remembers the paternity test. Ridge tells her they heard from Steffy. “It’s Liam’s kid.” Brooke wonders if she should call Hope and questions how she’ll come to terms with this as Ridge suggests. Bridget reminds her mom that Hope’s resilient; she puts her own heartbreak aside when family and children are involved. Ridge gets a text from Thomas, so calls him and shares the paternity test results.

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In the office at work, Thomas tells Vinny that Hope must be devastated. With a hint of a smile, Vinny replies, “You’re a good person, Thomas. You deserve this.” He concludes that Liam will go running back to Steffy and Thomas will be free and clear to be with Hope. Thomas doesn’t plan to interfere. As he leaves, Vinny reminds Thomas this is a chance for him to have what he’s always wanted — a life with Dougie and Hope.
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At Steffy’s place, Finn goes over his disappointment at not being named the father. He even had baby names picked out. Steffy, emotional, says she wanted to call the baby John Finnegan Jr. if it was a boy. She insists their love can get them through this — it has to. Finn’s concerned as to how he’ll go through this pregnancy knowing the child is not his, but Liam’s. It will be hard for him to watch… and even harder for Hope. Steffy and Finn establish that they want a life together. Finn asks, “Is this something we can do with another man’s baby growing inside you?” Steffy believes they can. She pleads, “Please, don’t give up on us,” and throws herself into his arms.

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In the cabin, Liam reminds Hope she said she’d try to work through it because their family is worth it. Hope’s always believed in them; Liam is the one who betrayed his vows. She can’t understand how he could turn to Steffy before even thinking about his wife. Liam grimaces as Hope sobs that she can’t forget about it or run away from it because Steffy’s having his baby. She collapses onto the ottoman sobbing, “I’m so tired. I don’t want to do it anymore.” Liam kneels beside her and tries to provide comfort while his face twists with emotion.
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Later, Liam recaps all of the things he and Hope have made it through together. “This is what we do best. We take the hit and get back up again.” He promises to spend the rest of his life protecting their love and family if she’ll let him.

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