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In Dr. Campbell’s office, Steffy, Finn, Liam, and Hope wait on tenterhooks for the paternity test results. The doctor warns that all of them must keep the health of the mother in mind before announcing that Finn is not a match. He is not the father. Steffy’s stunned, “But I felt it…”

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Steffy declares the test is wrong and wants it run again. Campbell assures her the test is accurate. She hopes the shock the four of them are feeling will fade away when the baby’s born. After the doctor exits, Finn breathes, “Well. Now we know.” Hope cries, “Yes, we do. One night… You two…” She runs out and Liam follows. Steffy sobs to Finn, “I’m so sorry.”
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At Forrester Creations, Thomas wonders if Steffy has her results yet before turning the conversation to it being time for him to move out of Brooke’s. He’s feeling better now and envisions stepping up for the family as Steffy brings a new little Forrester into the world. Brooke mutters, “A new Forrester whose last name had better be Finnegan.” Ridge agrees. “No one wants the child to be Liam’s. Right, Thomas?”

Thomas insists he wants Hope to be happy and the only way for that to happen is for Finn to be the father of Steffy’s baby and not Liam. Brooke wonders what if Liam is the father… would Thomas see that as some sort of opportunity? Thomas has learned from his mistakes. Ridge backs him up on that. Ridge and Brooke decide to go home to wait for news.

Vinny joins Thomas in the office and complains about his new job where he has to clock in. He notices Thomas is troubled. Thomas explains Steffy’s getting her paternity test results today. Vinny talks about how it would help Thomas’ cause if the baby was Liam’s. Thomas dismisses the idea, but Vinny persists that Thomas has never had feelings for anyone as he does for Hope. No one else has even come close! Vinny reminds Thomas that where there’s a will there’s a way.

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At home, Brooke and Ridge go over how important it is for Steffy’s baby to be Finn’s to keep the peace. Brooke muses, “We need the paternity test to turn out the way we want it to.” Ridge assures her whatever happens they’ll get through it together.
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In the cliffhouse, Finn offers to leave but Steffy doesn’t want him to… unless it’s what he needs. Finn doesn’t know what he needs. He already thought of the baby as his; had already fallen in love, but it’s Liam’s. He glances at the portrait on the wall and repeats, “It’s Liam’s.” Steffy tears up again as Finn talks about how he looked forward to bonding with a baby of his own, then sighs that now he doesn’t know how he fits in. Steffy protests that she wants him. He wants her too, and thought he broke the pattern with Liam, but they’ll have two children together. Steffy sobs, “I don’t want to lose you!”
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Hope enters the cabin, distraught, with Liam right on her heels. She rants that she was willing to forgive and forget and start a new chapter for their family but that’s impossible now. “Everything’s changed, Liam!” Their family will never be the same now that he’s having another child with Steffy. Liam’s sorry. Hope rolls her eyes, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I trusted my heart to a man who would think so low of me.” Liam weakly protests about what he thought he saw at Thomas’ apartment. Hope’s angry and accuses him of wanting Steffy to be pregnant with his child. Liam exclaims that Steffy carrying his baby doesn’t mean their marriage has to end because he loves Hope and always will.
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