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At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Ridge go over why she let Steffy tell him her news. He gets a text that Steffy and Finn are on the way to the hospital. Thomas enters and Ridge relays the paternity test results are due today. They discuss Steffy wanting the baby to be Finn’s. Thomas agrees it would be nice if she didn’t have another connection to Liam. Brooke believes Hope deserves to be the only woman in Liam’s life. Ridge, thinking it’s miraculous, realizes the three of them finally agree on something — amazing! Thomas and Brooke laugh.
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Ridge flashes to Steffy confessing her pregnancy, then is snapped out of his reverie by Thomas telling him and Brooke he wants what’s best for Hope. Thomas is hoping Hope can forgive Liam and that one day Brooke may forgive him too.

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Ridge gives Thomas all due credit for owning his mistakes and endeavoring to change. Brooke concedes she’s seen it too. Ridge marvels, “What?” and thinks maybe his son isn’t as irredeemable as she thought. Thomas and Brooke go over his transgressions and she admits today’s Thomas is certainly different… unless this is all another manipulation. Ridge groans. Thomas understands her trepidation and insists he wants what’s best for Hope… which is finding out the father of Steffy’s baby is Finn.
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At the hospital, Finn reminds Steffy how much he wants to have this baby with her. Steffy reiterates that it just has to be his. Liam and Hope arrive to find out the identity of the baby’s father. They all look forward to moving on with their lives. Dr. Campbell enters and Steffy blurts, “Do you have the results of the paternity test?”
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The doctor explains the results aren’t back yet; she expects them any minute. Steffy’s disappointed and Campbell reminds her — and the others — about managing Steffy’s stress levels. When the doctor steps out, Finn states they can all handle whatever happens next without putting undue pressure on Steffy, who is carrying precious cargo.

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In a private moment, Finn enthuses to Steffy, “We’re having a baby!” He’s always dreamed of being a father and feels he’s found the right woman. She loves the picture he paints of them as a family. Finn’s convinced the doctor will say the baby’s his and they’ll walk out of there to a bright future.

Elsewhere, Hope tells Liam that the waiting seems endless. He apologizes again and thanks her for being there. She replies, “I promised I would. For better… or worse.” Hope can’t deny he broke her heart, but she can’t stay stuck in that moment any longer. She’s praying the baby is Finn’s so Steffy and Finn can move on and she and Liam can start a new chapter. Liam’s relieved to hear her say, “A new chapter.” Hope’s committed to trying to work through the setbacks… it’s worth it for their family. Liam doesn’t deserve it, but will work to every day.

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The foursome reconvene and Hope talks about her commitment to moving forward. Liam apologizes to everyone. Just then, Dr. Campbell enters with the paternity results. Steffy exhales, “It’s you, Finn. It has to be you.” Liam and Hope clasp hands. Steffy asks the doctor not to keep them in suspense. “Who is the father of my baby?”
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Finn tells Steffy the many ways she’s bettered his life.

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