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At the cliffhouse, Steffy checks her phone and tells Finn they should know any day if he’s the father of her baby. Finn promises to be there through it all with his full support. Steffy can’t believe how calm he’s being. Finn is nervous but he can’t change the outcome — but he can be there for the woman he loves. Steffy listens as Finn expresses how much he loves her and looks forward to their future. He won’t allow one night to ruin that. He can see how much Steffy regrets letting Liam spend the night. Steffy recalls how they got swept up. Finn looks at the portrait of Liam and Steffy then says he has faith when they get over this hurdle, they can have everything they want. Steffy doesn’t appear too sure. Finn continues to encourage her, leading Steffy to say, “You mean the world to me.” Suddenly, Dr. Campbell calls. She’ll have Steffy’s results in an hour. Steffy agrees to head to her office right away.

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Over at the cabin, Liam rambles, which leads Hope to admit, “I know you’re sorry.” However, until Steffy gets her results, they can’t make any decisions. Liam wants to know how she’s feeling and doesn’t want her to shut down. Finally, Hope says she’s heartbroken — all the way around — but confesses that she can’t understand how he could do this again. She needs him to be honest and asks, “Do you want Steffy’s baby to be yours?” Liam rambles again but then says, “The answer is a clear no.” He wants Hope, their kids and their future. “I pray that Finn is the father.” Liam gets a call from Steffy then tells Hope the results are in — Steffy wants them to meet her at the hospital. Before they go, Liam promises no matter what the results prove, he wants her. Hope reminds him of the vows he made — and how he broke them! She apologizes and knows he’d take it all back if he could. Liam tries to defend his actions and begs her for a chance to earn his way back to her.

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In the office at Forrester, Brooke and Ridge discuss everyone waiting for the paternity results. They admit to being stressed and know everyone included is. Brooke doesn’t want their kids’ issues to get between them but wishes that Steffy and Liam had stayed away from each other. She’s surprised to hear Thomas feels bad and defends his brain injury. Ridge knows Liam made a mistake but refuses, at Brooke’s prompting, to call Steffy to ask about the results. He knows Brooke is concerned about Hope, but he has to focus on Steffy and the innocent child she’s carrying. Brooke cares about the baby too, as does Hope, but doesn’t think the situation has been fair to Hope at all.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas faces Ridge and Brooke, as Hope makes a decision.

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