Hope interrupts B&B
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Brooke joins Hope in the cabin; she passed Liam, who was going up to the house to look for Beth’s doll. She asks if Hope’s okay. Hope has to be, for the kids. Brooke knows how painful this is and how much she loves Liam. Talk turns to Brooke’s visit to Steffy. She feels Steffy saw an opportunity with Liam and took it. She’s to blame for everything that’s happened! They go over the baby being a blessing and Hope’s infinite capacity to forgive. Brooke believes that’s what will keep their marriage together even if Steffy’s baby turns out to be Liam’s. Hope muses about waiting for the paternity test results and decides to head up to the main house.

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At Brooke’s place, Thomas tells Liam that Beth’s doll is in the kitchen. Liam questions why he’s still living there. He figured by now he would have moved back to his apartment. Thomas smirks, “Away from Hope, you mean.” Liam’s not buying his new façade. Thomas points out he told Hope to forgive him — why would he do that? Liam scoffs, “Because it makes you look good.” He can’t do this right now, he needs to get the doll to Hope. Thomas muses that he wants to look good to his wife… because Steffy could be pregnant with his child.
Liam earn trust B&B

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Thomas wants Liam to recognize the things he’s done wrong so he can fix them. He recaps how he didn’t come into his apartment that night, or check to see if Hope was at home, instead he ran to Steffy’s. Hope enters as Thomas lays into Liam about Steffy being pregnant with his child and asks, “How do you think Hope feels about that?” Thomas apologizes. Hope sighs. She doesn’t know how she feels. She tries to keep busy so her mind doesn’t keep going back to Steffy’s pregnancy. Hope prays the baby’s Finn’s, but if it’s not, she’s not sure what her future will look like. She’s not sure she can get past this pain. “I’m not there, and I’m not sure I ever will be.” Liam decides it’s time to be honest with himself — even with Thomas there. Over and over he asks for her forgiveness and he realizes he has to earn her trust back with his actions… a lifetime of them. He won’t ask for forgiveness, he’ll ask for a chance to prove he’s worth forgiving.

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy talks business with Ridge but loses her train of thought. There’s something she has to tell him and she hopes he won’t be disappointed in her. Steffy tells her father that the night Liam thought he saw Hope kissing Thomas, he stayed the night with her. Ridge asks if Hope knows. Steffy confirms she knows everything. Ridge learns Brooke also knows and supposes they can do whatever they can to make things normal again. Steffy warns they can’t just put that night behind them. “I’m pregnant, Dad.” Ridge’s face fall and he exhales, “And the baby could be Liam’s…”

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Zoe enters the design office, where Paris is on a work call, and barks at her to hang up. Once Paris disconnects, Zoe informs her they’re having this out right now — Carter is close to being done with her forever. Paris learns that Ridge told Carter what he overheard between her and Zende and Paris wonders what he walked in on. Zoe snaps that it doesn’t matter if Paris is sorry — she told Ridge where to find her and set this whole thing in motion! Paris claims she’s wrong; Ridge had a hunch. Zoe’s not buying it and continues accusing Paris. She’s going to be persona non grata around Forrester just like she was after the Baby Beth debacle. “My life is in shambles. I hope you’re happy!”
Paris confronted B&B

Paris never wanted this to happen to her, but her behavior was terrible. Zoe insists she actually cares about Carter and wants a life with him. Paris scoffs, “Sure you do. After you knew a life with Zende wasn’t possible. You have to see how wrong that is Zoe!” Zoe retorts that Paris could have stopped this from happening by stopping Ridge — she didn’t, and that hurts!

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Zoe presents Paris with a document to sign.

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