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At the cabin, Liam takes a call from Steffy as Hope listens. She updates him that the paternity test has been done and Dr. Campbell’s putting a rush on it. Liam disconnects and fills Hope in as Thomas arrives. He’s surprised to hear Steffy took a paternity test already. Liam confirms it and muses that now all they can do is wait.
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Thomas explains he’d normally come for Liam but right now he’s just concerned about Steffy and that little baby inside of her. He’s there for both Hope and Liam whatever they need and reminds Hope she’s strong… no matter what the paternity test results show. Thomas leaves and Hope reiterates to Liam that he wants them to get through this. Liam feels time will tell if he means what he says. Right now, he only cares about Hope’s opinion… and ultimately, her forgiveness. Hope just wants the baby to be Finn’s. Liam vows to spend the rest of his life proving himself to her regardless. “I love you. I always will.”

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Brooke arrives at Steffy’s house and intones, “I know what you did to my daughter.” She accuses Steffy of wanting the baby to be Liam’s so she can take him away from Hope. Brooke proceeds to go over all the things Steffy could have done other than drink with Liam while comforting him. Steffy says she was being a friend. Brooke sneers, “A friend with benefits.” Steffy insists she wants the child to be Finn’s.
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Steffy asks if Ridge was there when Brooke found out. Brooke explains he wasn’t and can see this is all weighing on Steffy. She has to keep her stress down and points out she came to attack her. She’d expect a little understanding from the woman who… Brooke throws up her hands and grimaces, “Oh God.” She reiterates that Steffy slept with her daughter’s husband and warns that baby better be Finn’s and not Liam’s.

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In Brooke’s living room, Vinny apologizes to Thomas for not being around more and offers him some drugs. Thomas refuses given what Steffy went though. Vinny senses something’s going on. Thomas admits Steffy’s pregnant. Vinny marvels that the doctor works fast. Thomas confides that the baby might be Liam’s. As they discuss the paternity test, Vinny points out that if Steffy’s carrying Liam’s baby, it could change everything for Thomas; “Hope could finally be yours.” It all depends on the results of the paternity test.
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In the Forrester Creations studio, Paris confronts an intense Zende who admits he’s thinking about Zoe. He clarifies that whatever was going on between them is over, but her relationship with Carter may be over too. He feels it’s a waste since Zoe’s committed to Carter, but Paris wonders if that’s enough for Carter. Zende turns the conversation to them; if Paris hasn’t written him off, he’d still like to get to know her better.

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In the main office, Zoe scrambles as Carter asks her to list the reasons she wants to marry him. Growing angrier, Carter demands to know if she wants to marry him… or Zende. He relays that Ridge told him what he walked in on and fumes, “I want to know what’s been going on behind my back.” He points out that if Zende had wanted something to happen it would have. Zoe can’t deny it. Carter rages at her to explain why she’s throwing herself at Zende when she’s engaged to him. As Zoe attempts to convince him of her love, it dawns on Carter that she started showing interest in him when he was promoted. He realizes she wanted him because he was Forrester adjacent, but she’d actually rather have the real thing; it’s why she jumped at the chance to marry Thomas. “What you really want is to be a Forrester!” Carter fumes. He curses himself for being so stupid and informs Zoe if she wants Zende, she can have him. Zoe protests but Carter cuts her off and states, “We’re not getting married Zoe.”

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Zoe doesn’t want to give up on them, but Carter says she already did. He chokes up over how difficult this is for him — he doesn’t fall in love easily. Zoe insists she can convince him of her sincerity; she only went to Zende because they were moving fast and she was scared. “I want a life with you, and only you, Carter. Please tell me you still want that.”

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