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At Steffy’s place, she’s called Liam and Finn together to discuss taking a paternity test. She laments that the test is taking longer and wants to speed things up, but is certain it will reveal that Finn is the father. Steffy’s headed to the appointment now and Liam offers to go with her. Finn snaps that he’s going with her. Steffy warns them about the bickering. She doesn’t want this pregnancy to disrupt their lives… especially Liam’s marriage to Hope.
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In the cabin, Brooke’s noticed Hope has been down lately. She asks, “Are you and Liam having problems?” Hope doesn’t even know how they got here but reveals something happened between Liam and Steffy. Brooke’s eyes grow wide. Hope fills her in on Liam thinking he saw her kissing Thomas, and then running to Steffy’s. Brooke’s horrified to hear that he had sex with her.
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Hope knows there’s no excuse for what Liam did, but he was devastated to think she was with Thomas. Brooke asks if she’s forgiven him. Hope’s struggling to figure out what’s best and she can’t really do that until they know… Brooke asks, “Know what?” Hope tells her Steffy’s pregnant. Brooke holds her head and grimaces. Hope explains the baby could be Finn’s, but they need to get a paternity test to find out. Brooke’s so sorry. Hope’s praying that Liam isn’t the father.

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At Forrester Creations, Zoe enthuses to Carter that they have so many decisions to make about the wedding now that they’ve chosen a date. She alludes to showing him how excited she is during their celebration the night before and says that she can’t wait to be his wife. They gush about wanting their future to start right away.

In the studio, Donna helps Zende out because Zoe is busy. Donna muses she’s hiding out in Carter’s office but who can blame them since they picked a wedding date last night. “Zoe’s going to be such a beautiful bride, don’t you think?” Zende exhales and paces a bit before asking, “Have you seen Ridge today?” When Zoe turns up she confirms she and Carter firmed up their plans. Donna exits and Zende expresses relief to Zoe that everything’s okay. Zoe is 100% committed to marrying Carter. As long as Ridge doesn’t say anything, Carter will never know about her and Zende.

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Ridge joins Carter in the main office, and the COO reveals he and Zoe picked a date last night — he hopes he’s ready to be his best man! Ridge wants nothing more than to see him happy; which makes what he has to tell him that much more difficult. Carter thinks he’s teasing him and relays the good news about their nuptials. Ridge sighs that Carter doesn’t know Zoe as well as he thinks he does. Carter just wants Ridge to stand up for him. Ridge doesn’t know if he can. Carter becomes irritated. Ridge blurts that he saw Zoe with Zende at the house… and it seemed like Zoe was making a move on him.
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In the doctor’s office, Steffy thanks Dr. Campbell for fitting her in. Finn introduces himself and Steffy informs the doc they want to do the paternity test… now. The doctor explains it’s a simple test and steps out to get everything ready. Steffy tells Finn, “I am praying that this baby is healthy and I’m really praying that you are the father.”

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Liam joins Hope in the cabin and updates her that Steffy’s getting a paternity test. He wants to get back on track and never meant for any of this to happen.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy and Finn take a paternity test. And see if you agree that this forgotten character from the show’s past might be just what it needs to shake things up.

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