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At the Forrester mansion, Zende protests to Ridge that he and Zoe were just talking. Ridge intones that he heard them talking about the undeniable heat of their relationship. He reminds Zoe about Carter. If she doesn’t want to marry him she should go talk to him about it; not come there to see Zende. He points out that Carter’s been a friend to Zende — is this how he repays him? Zende insists it’s not what it looks like. Ridge goes on that what Thomas did to Zoe was terrible, but what she’s doing to Carter is no better. “Shame on you.” Zoe explains they were just having a conversation, but Ridge isn’t buying it. If she doesn’t want to be with Carter she should tell him, not be hitting on Zende. He rants about her playing around. She should have done this before she accepted Carter’s proposal!
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Zende and Zoe insist they didn’t cross a line, but Ridge bellows, “You didn’t cross a line? In whose book?” Zoe makes a case for having panicked because things were moving so fast; she doesn’t want to lose Carter. Ridge believes she doesn’t want to lose Carter because Zende was turning her down. They try to convince Ridge not to go to Carter, but he hollers that Carter’s his family. Zoe works to convince him that Carter means everything to her and asks him not to tell her fiancé; it will break his heart. Ridge walks out.

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At Forrester Creations, Carter goes on to Paris about how he and Zoe built the foundation of their relationship. When he enthuses that they’ve never been in a better place, Paris interrupts him and blurts that there’s something he needs to know about her sister. Carter assumes she’s talking about the past involving their father, which is old news. Donna enters and asks Paris, “Do you know where your sister is?” She senses she’s interrupting. Carter says Paris was just about to tell him something about Zoe, but nothing she could say could change his mind about her. Donna swoons over his devotion before leaving. Carter reiterates to Paris that whatever she has to say about her sister he doesn’t want to hear it.
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Ridge arrives at Forrester and asks Donna if she has seen Carter. Donna confides that he’s gone home because he and Zoe are setting a wedding date tonight. They could be husband and wife very soon.

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Paris arrives at the Forrester mansion and confronts Zende. She knows Zoe was there and knows what is going on. Zende protests that nothing has happened between them. Paris states that Zoe is crushing on Zende and Carter is getting played. She calls Zende out for not doing much about it. Zende admits he could have shut it down sooner, but nothing happened. Paris thinks Zoe’s freaking out about getting married — deep down she’s just scared of getting hurt and has a tendency to self-sabotage. Zende maintains he told Zoe that he wasn’t an option; he’d hate for Paris to think poorly of him. Paris likes him and hopes the flirting is over. Carter deserves to be treated better. Paris asks, “Do you want my sister?” Zende wants Paris.
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In the studio, Zoe finds Carter, who senses she’s stressed out. He offers to wait if she’s not ready to set a wedding date, but she insists she wants to do it tonight. “I want to get married right here, right now.” Carter’s taken aback. Zoe admits she was conflicted; it’s a really big step. Carter will never let her down. He’s completely committed to her, just as she is to him. Ridge listens as Zoe presses Carter to get married as soon as possible and they express their love.

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