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At Spencer Publications, Bill pleads with Katie to let him in so he can prove he can do better for her, Will, and their family. “Let me come home.” Katie sighs; she’s has trusted him too many times. Bill knows he’s let her down too many times and he hates himself for it. But now he has clarity and knows what’s important. Bill believes she still loves him too.

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Bill can’t move on from Katie — he’s not going anywhere and will keep asking her and asking her until she gives him a chance. Katie would love to have things back to normal but worries about messing up Will with all of this. Billy feels he’s resilient. He recalls their wedding and her giving him a son. They’ve had their challenges; he’s almost lost her twice, but he’s not going to lose her now and will do whatever it takes to get back together. “I want you back. Tell me you want that too, Katie.”
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Katie tells Bill he’s so good with apologies and always knows what to say — she just wishes they weren’t always directed at her. She loves him but doesn’t know that she can trust him with her heart ever again after the repeated transgression with Brooke. Bill pleads for one more chance; he’s lost without her and their family. He needs her and thinks she needs him too.

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Katie asks Bill how she could ever trust him again. If there is a chance for them — if — he has to prove that she is the love of his life. It will take more than words and fancy jewelry. Bill questions, “More than a tiara?” Katie sighs. She needs to be loved, respected, wanted, and cherished. “That’s what I need and that’s what I deserve.” Bill vows she will be. “By me, Katie. By me.”
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Zende joins Ridge in the main office at Forrester, where he’s been summoned to discuss Zoe. Ridge explains it’s about Zoe’s relationship with Carter and asks him to close the door. He goes on about how in love Carter is with Zoe — he was giddy. They discuss how far Ridge and Carter go back. Ridge decrees that his friend deserves happiness… with a woman who isn’t interested in another man. Zende agrees.
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In the studio, Paris accuses Zoe of playing Zende and Carter. It’s tacky and it’s disrespectful to both Carter and her. Zoe explains she has to know where she stands with Zende before she goes into a marriage with Carter. Paris questions her not telling Carter and repeats that she’s playing the two men. Zoe warns her if she doesn’t keep quiet she won’t be doing or saying anything. “Do you understand me?!” Paris raises her eyebrows in response.

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In Ridge’s office, Zende takes a call from Zoe who wants to know what he’s up to. He tells her he’s heading home and she thinks it sounds lonesome.

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In the studio, Paris listens to Zoe’s phone conversation then asks what she’s up to. They have it out over Zoe flirting with Zende behind Carter’s back knowing Paris had kissed Zende. Paris is worried Zoe’s about to ruin everything for herself. “It’s going to blow up in your face.” Zoe warns Paris to stay away from Zende or she’ll make sure she’s out of there — she is engaged to the COO. Paris sneers, “I wasn’t sure you remembered. But then again you won’t let me forget.”

Ridge calls Paris into his office to continue their conversation about her sister. He owes it to Carter to ensure Zoe’s as committed to him as he is to her.
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At the Forrester mansion, Zende thinks about meeting Zoe and listening to her sing. He flashes to her questioning him about the delayed text. Suddenly, she enters the house. She figured when he told her he’d be home alone it was an invitation. She’s there to keep him company. Zende was about to take a swim. She’d love to take a dip, though she didn’t bring anything to wear, but that shouldn’t stop them. Zende reminds her she’s engaged. Zoe protests that everything happened so fast between them and then she found out about the text. “Don’t we owe it to ourselves to take this opportunity, to see where it leads?”

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