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In the office at Forrester, Carter and Ridge make plans for a double date then Carter expresses his love for Zoe. Ridge questions if he’s sure the feeling is mutual. Carter goes over falling for Zoe and assures Ridge she loves him too. Carter asks Ridge to be his best man and he agrees. Paris enters just as Carter brings up having to wait for Zoe to pick a wedding date. She questions her sister’s actions, but Carter claims Zoe just hasn’t had time then leaves.

carter asks ridge to be his best man B&B

Ridge tells Paris how lucky her sister is to have his best friend in her life then asks if he has reason to be concerned about Zoe’s relationship with Carter. Paris isn’t sure what Ridge is getting at? Ridge sees the way Zoe looks at Zende, but Paris assures him, Zoe loves Carter — she and Zende are only friends.

zende processes zoe getting the delayed text B&B

Zoe shows Zende his delayed text in the design office. She urges him not to deny his feelings for her — it’s not too late for them. “I’m not married yet,” Zoe finishes. Zende snaps and admits he has feelings for her but it’s not going to happen! Paris appears unseen as Zende screams, “I cannot betray Carter, he’s my friend.” Zoe knows that she can have it all with Carter but how can she when her future might be with Zende. Zende would have loved a different outcome but she’s engaged. He urges her to focus on Carter since their time has passed. “That’s the way it is,” Zende states then leaves.

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Paris makes herself known and says, “Carter isn’t enough for you? You have to have Zende too?” Zoe orders Paris to stay away from Zende, even though Paris reminds her of the dangerous game she’s playing. If she keeps going down this road it’ll end in disaster. Zoe thinks it’ll end with her being with the man she’s supposed to be with.

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Ridge stops Zende as he walks by his office and calls him inside. He wants to talk to him about Zoe.

At Spencer, Bill rants at Wyatt and wonders where the hell Liam is. Wyatt relays Liam has a lot on his plate and thinks Bill’s grumpy because he misses Katie. Suddenly, Katie appears and Bill is overjoyed to see her gorgeous face. Wyatt welcomes Katie’s affect on his rhinoceros of a father then leaves at Bill’s insistence.

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Once alone, Bill expresses how much he misses Katie, but she reminds him they are wading into dangerous territory. He continues to lay it on thick and pleads, “I miss my family.” He takes all the blame and apologizes for hurting her. Katie reminds how she always forgives him only for him to hurt her again. He vows to make it up to her, and has given her space, but refuses to sit back and let their life fall away. Katie never wanted them to be apart but then he kissed Brooke. “You hurt me,” she cries. “You break my heart and I deserve better than that.” She also wants a man who sets an example for their son — one who shows him how to treat a woman. Bill needs her and asks, “Let me come home.”

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Bill tries to win Katie back and Zende covers his true feelings. Plus, read the reason the show is forgetting that Katie can’t possibly take Bill back.

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