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At the hospital, the doctor wants to schedule a paternity test but Steffy panics and says it has to be done today. The doctor understands it’s stressful. Steffy relays that either man would be an excellent father, but she’s hoping it’s Finn’s. When asked, Steffy confirms both men know the situation. She has to figure this out in order to move on. The doctor explains it’s too soon; they have to wait until after eight weeks. She assures Steffy she’ll have answers, but warns her to stay calm in the meantime.

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Liam carefully enters the cabin and greets Hope. He asks how she is and she snaps, “I’ve been better.” She does love him but relays there’s something he should know — Thomas overheard them talking about Steffy and the pregnancy. He knows Liam could be the father. Liam figures he trashed him, but Hope stuns him by saying Thomas urged her to forgive him. She insists he was being sincere. Liam wonders if it had an effect on her. Hope can’t just snap her fingers and decide, nor will she be talked into it by anyone. “It’s going to take time.” Liam misses how it was before he hurt her. Hope wishes none of it had ever happened but she can’t have that, especially if he’s the child’s father. Liam gets a text from Steffy asking to see both of them as soon as possible.

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In the studio, Zoe puzzles over the delayed text from Zende. Carter enters, senses she’s distracted and confused, and asks if something’s wrong. Zoe covers and Carter enthuses about setting a wedding date. He wonders if she’s been thinking about it as much as he has. Carter wants to get the calendar out over dinner later. He exits and Donna appears. She teases Zoe that her husband-to-be gets better looking every day. Zoe asks Donna to let Zende know she needs to see him as soon as possible.
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In the main office at Forrester Creations, Zende and Paris discuss him resetting his phone. She enthuses that everyone’s been so warm and welcoming there. Zende replies, “You mean everyone but Zoe?” He’s confused about Zoe not wanting her to work there. Paris feels it has to do with her professional and personal life, including Zende. She lets Zende know that she enjoyed their kiss, but she won’t flirt on the job. Donna enters and tells Zende that Zoe needs to see him right away.
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Zende exits, and Donna chats with Paris about Zende taking an interest in her. Donna goes on about how lucky the Buckingham sisters are and gushes about the idea of going home with a hunk of man like Carter every night. Carter is standing behind her. He appreciates the compliment but has hit the jackpot with Zoe.
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In the studio, Zoe updates Zende that what she wants to talk about could affect the rest of their lives. Zende’s confused. Zoe knows life married to Carter would be good but she can’t stop wondering about them, and what they could be. Zende sighs, “Don’t go there.” Zoe wouldn’t be engaged to him if she knew how Zende felt. “I got your text.” She knows he wanted her to take it slow with Carter and meet up with him instead. “It just came through today, Zende.”

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At Steffy’s house, she lets Finn know that they’re about to meet with Hope and Liam. He’s not ready for a big Kumbaya style sit-down, but it’s too late as Liam and Hope arrive. Hope asks, “Why are we here?” Steffy states that she and Liam feel terrible about hurting them but they must deal with what comes next. Her pregnancy was confirmed but the paternity test will have to wait. The doctor warned her to stop stressing for the baby’s sake. She’s ashamed she betrayed Finn but there’s nothing ugly about this baby. “I really hope you’re the father.” If the baby turns out to be Liam’s, she wants Hope to know she never meant to undermine her marriage. Once she does the paternity test, they’ll find out if the baby is Finn’s… or Liam’s.

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