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Ridge talks to Steffy about an earnings report in the Forrester office but she’s distracted. She gets a text that her appointment for her paternity test is confirmed. Ridge asks, “Where’d you go just now?” and presses her to open up to him.

Zende enters the office and sensing he’s interrupted a personal conversation, apologetically explains that Donna told him to walk in. Zoe arrives, spots Zende, and lets him know she’s always there for him. Ridge’s eyes flash as he catches the vibe between them. The moment passes and Steffy assures Ridge she’s fine.
Steffy distracted B&B

Ridge wryly comments on the energy coming from the Hope For the Future team. As they discuss Hope’s vision, Ridge directs a question to Steffy, who is still not paying attention. She explains she has to go and leaves, promising they’ll go over the numbers later.

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Once alone, Zoe wonders if Zende was thinking of her when he created his design and asks him about his feelings for her. Zende reminds her she’s engaged to Carter. Zoe thinks they should figure out if the sparks between them are real before she sets a wedding date. Zende notes sparks could be dangerous. Zoe points out how well they work together and thinks they could be even more incredible in private. Ridge suddenly enters and asks, “What’s going on?” Zoe explains she was just telling Zende how much she admires his talent. Ridge sends Zende downstairs, then exits. Zoe gets a text — it’s the delayed message Zende sent the night she got engaged to Carter asking her not to move too fast.
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In the cabin, Thomas recaps that Steffy’s pregnant and Liam could be the father. He feels Hope and Liam have been through so much together and can get through this too. “Don’t throw it all away. Don’t make the same mistake Liam did.” Hope asks if he’s telling her to forgive Liam. She protests that he broke their wedding vows. Thomas says that was because of him. He urges her not to let Liam’s mistakes derail their entire family.
Thomas forgive B&B

Hope’s surprised Thomas thinks she can forgive Liam. Thomas confesses he doesn’t believe Liam will change, but it doesn’t matter what he thinks. What matters is how Hope feels about him. He’s not advocating for Liam; he’s angry as hell with the guy, but her family is at stake. Hope laments that every time she looks at Liam all she can see is Steffy. She worries about the scenario if Liam’s the father of Steffy’s baby and feels selfish for hoping he’s not. Thomas reassures her and notes if she can forgive him, she can forgive Liam. Thomas wants her to do it for the family, but also for herself — he knows it’s what she wants. “Forgive Liam.”

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt rails at Liam, “What the hell were you thinking?” He angrily goes over Liam sleeping with Steffy while married to Hope. Wyatt feels the Spencer men should have learned their lesson by now. Liam admits he had to tell Hope and it was awful. Wyatt offers him a place to stay. Liam marvels that Hope didn’t throw him out, but then he had to tell her about Steffy’s pregnancy. Now he doesn’t know where they stand.

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At her appointment, Steffy’s doctor tells her they’ll have the results very soon. Soon, she confirms Steffy’s pregnant as she suspected. Steffy tells her doctor she needs her to do another test, today if possible. “I need a paternity test.”

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