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At Forrester, Hope wants Steffy to say she wanted Liam. Steffy denies it. Hope wonders what she’d call it then — she had sex with him and now she could be pregnant with his child. She invites Steffy to tell her side of the story as long as she’s honest about what happened that night. “How did you end up in bed with my husband? I really want to know.”

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Hope asks how many times Steffy refilled Liam’s drink that night. Steffy insists she told him to go home to Hope. Hope argues that she thought that what he saw was impossible but slept with him anyway. She accuses, “You sabotaged my marriage again!” Steffy points out her life isn’t wrecked since Liam wants a life with her. Steffy loves Finn. Hope sneers, “You wanted Liam. You wanted to be with him. How could you do that to Finn?” Steffy doesn’t know, but she can’t lose him, especially not now when she could be having his child.

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Hope wonders what kind of woman gets herself into this kind of mess. She muses that it’s a name Taylor used to call Brooke, but she won’t stoop to that level. Hope calls her selfish and again accuses her of dreaming of the night Liam would show up needing her. She snarks about the fantasy picture still hanging in the living room and asks, “What is your intuition telling you? Who’s the father? Is it Finn or is it Liam?”

At the cliff house, Finn insists Liam didn’t come over there that night looking for sympathy. He was looking for Steffy — because he wanted her! Liam knows how Finn must feel, but — Finn interrupts to argue the point of Liam not going into Thomas’ apartment to confront him. He left, and then cheated on his wife because his ego got wounded.
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Liam insists the cheating wasn’t deliberate, it was all due to a misunderstanding. Finn’s not buying it and blames the portrait he sees hanging up every time he comes over. He came over there to do what he’s been doing for years. Finn fumes, “It never ends!” Liam takes the blame and feels horrible — he hopes Finn is the father of Steffy’s baby. Finn recalls that Thomas warned him this would happen; he always circles back to Steffy. He puts Liam on notice and warns, “If I am the father of this baby, you are going to have a very different relationship with Steffy.” Liam argues, “It’s not your call.” Finn recalls how Liam questioned him in the beginning of their relationship. He won’t stop him from seeing Kelly, but if that child is his, those days (he gestures toward the portrait) are over.

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In the design studio, Zoe talks about sharing secrets. Zende calls Zoe out for flirting with him when she’s engaged and asks, “What’s going on here?” Immediately after, he says he was joking and manages to mention how beautiful she is. He still senses something is up with her, however. Zoe reveals Carter wants to set a wedding date.

Zende thinks it’s normal to feel overwhelmed while planning a wedding, but Zoe admits that’s not the problem. “I’ve been thinking about you, Zende.” She recalls the immediate spark between them when they first met and asks if he feels this too. Zoe asks if he ever thought about what could have been between them if he’d told her not to marry Carter.

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Zende feels conflicted as Carter’s his friend. Zoe presses him to think about what they could be. Zende won’t deny the sparks between them, but relays that Paris kissed him earlier. He feels she’s just nervous about Carter wanting to set a wedding date, but Zoe protests she’s never felt as she does for Zende about anyone. “What if we’re meant to be together?” Zende can’t cross this line because of Carter and tells her, “It’s not going to happen.”
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