Hope stunned B&B
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In the cabin, Hope cautions Liam that she meant they might have a chance… in time. It won’t be easy, but they have to put his night with Steffy behind them for Beth’s sake. Liam clears his throat and says that may not be possible. Hope asks if something else happened and urges him to keep being honest with her.

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Liam makes a speech about how generous Hope is and how hard they worked with Steffy to make a family for the kids. He breaks the news that family is growing. Hope grimaces. “Are you telling me what I think you’re telling me?” Liam blurts, “Hope. Steffy is pregnant.” Hope’s face contorts with emotion. Liam asks her to please say something. Hope, through gritted teeth, asks what he expects her to say! She remarks on them not taking precautions and realizes the entire reason behind his confession is that Steffy may be carrying his baby. Liam concedes, “Yes.”
Liam deliver news B&B

Hope recaps that Steffy is pregnant and will have to have a paternity test. Liam confirms it could be Finn’s baby. Hope breathes that it’s too much. He asks her not to give up on them. She reminds him that he gave up on them. Hope sobs, “We were so close.” He lost faith in her; he lost faith in them and he turned to Steffy. “How do we move past this if you’re that baby’s father?”

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At the cliff house, Finn gets choked up as he goes over Steffy letting Liam into her house and her bed. Steffy’s really hoping he’ll find it in his heart to forgive her. Finn is hurt, confused, upset, and pissed off. He’s not ready for forgiveness but it’s the goal… because they are the goal. “That’s what we’re fighting for.” Steffy tearfully sighs with relief.

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Finn appreciates Steffy coming to him with the truth — that’s huge. That’s a foundation they’ll need to build a future together. Steffy agrees building a future with him is worth it… but there’s more he needs to know. She reveals she found out something about that night with Liam that made it impossible to put it behind them. Steffy stammers that it might be him… she doesn’t know… then exclaims, “Finn I’m pregnant!” Finn gapes in shock, and then seems pleased. “You could be, and I could be…” Steffy confirms they could be having a child together.
Steffy admission B&B

It dawns on Finn then that the baby could be Liam’s. He learns Liam already knows and declares they need a paternity test. Steffy thinks the child would be lucky to have a father like Finn. She will do whatever it takes to prove he can trust her.
Finn stunned B&B

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At Forrester Creations, Paris can’t understand how a positive step forward in her love life with Zende makes anything worse for Zoe. She scoffs, “Look at me making terrible life choices.” Zoe claims she’s just trying to protect her — she’s going to get hurt. Paris asks, “Zoe what’s really going on here?”
Paris accusations B&B

Still in the design studio, Paris accuses Zoe of being jealous where Zende’s concerned. Zoe snarks that she has her dream guy who is the COO of Forrester. Paris wonders why she keeps bringing up Carter’s title. Zoe urges her to say what she really is trying to say. Paris asks if she sees her fiancé for who he is or just his title. Zoe asks who she thinks she is — she showed up and hung around there, landed a job and now she’s sniffing around after Zende. She insists Paris turn down the job and leave Los Angeles. Paris refuses. She wants to see where things go with Zende and she’s staying. Paris is excited and hopes one day Zoe will be happy for her too.

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