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In the cabin, Liam expresses his remorse and pleads with Hope to forgive him. Liam knows the pain she’s in and hates that he’s the cause of it. He goes over the vows he broke and cries that he wants their marriage. “If you could find a way to move past this.” Hope shakes her head. She doesn’t want to lose what they had, but him and Steffy? How can she ever forgive that? “It’s like a knife, Liam.”

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Liam knows he has no right to ask Hope’s forgiveness but he is because he knows how big her heart is. He recalls how their love has carried them through so many obstacles. Hope believes he loves her and is sorry, but she asks him to be honest with himself. “You love Steffy too.” Hope sobs that he knows the issues she and Steffy have and yet he ran right to her — he didn’t even take a second to consider it might be a misunderstanding. “Do you want your family with Steffy?” Liam protests — he wants her, and only her. Hope levels, “You don’t make love to your ex-wife unless you miss her and want to be with her.”
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Liam believes he and Hope can come back from this if she gives him a chance to prove his commitment. “Can you give me that chance?” Hope credits him for being honest. She does love him, but it would take time to move past this, if they even can. Their family means everything to her, so she will try… for their children. Liam insists it will never happen again and vows to repair the damage he’s done.

Hope asks, “Why now? Why are you telling me everything now?” Liam sighs. There’s one other thing she needs to know — and it’s big. He’d like to put that night behind him but it may not be possible. Hope quavers, “What are you talking about?” What, Liam?”

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In the cliff house, Finn gives Steffy a stony look and glances behind her at the portrait on the wall as she tries to explain her indiscretion with Liam was all due to a misunderstanding. He’s not sure what she wants him to say — she just told him her and Liam had sex. “What am I supposed to do with that? Especially with that picture always staring down at me?” Steffy protests that none of it would have happened if not for the misunderstanding and the drinking. Finn’s not so sure the picture is just about Kelly.
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Finn and Steffy establish they love each other, but Finn’s gut-punched. He tries to put himself in Liam’s place. He would have stormed into Thomas’ apartment. If Liam had done that, he wouldn’t have ended up at Steffy’s. Finn wonders where they go from here. He wanted a future with her, but wonders if it was never meant to be. “Do you still want your ex-husband?” Steffy blurts, “No.” She wants Finn in her future. “I can’t lose you.” Will you forgive me?”

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In the design studio, Donna jumps up and down and enthuses about Paris taking a job with the Forrester Foundation. Paris admits she hasn’t told her sister yet. Zoe enters and asks, “Told me what?” Donna squeals that Paris is Forrester’s latest hire. She’s certain Zoe is thrilled. Donna congratulates Paris again before heading over to HR as Ridge asked.
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Once alone, Zoe asks why Paris changed her mind and accepted Ridge’s offer. Paris didn’t want to upset her, but this was too good an opportunity to pass up. Zoe accuses her of never intending to turn down Ridge’s offer. Paris admits Zende convinced her to take the job. She can’t understand why that would matter to Zoe. “Why are you reacting like this?”

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Zoe feels disrespected. Paris gushes about how persuasive Zende was when he came rushing in after her. She’s never heard any man say such things to her. “I want this chance, Zoe. And I want a chance with Zende too.” Zoe’s stunned to hear Paris kissed Zende, and that he kissed her back.
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