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In the cabin, Hope assures Liam that whatever he has to tell her, they are going to be okay. She’s not upset that he went over to Steffy’s. Liam urges her to remember how much they love each other; if she holds onto that, maybe they can… Hope interrupts him. He’s making her nervous. Liam flashes to Steffy saying she’s pregnant. He warns what he has to say will affect their family — both of their families. Hope exclaims, “What is it, Liam? What’s going on?!” Liam stalls by reiterating that he loves her and she’s the center of his universe. He rambles about the difficult moments making them stronger. Hope stops him. “Just tell me.” Liam relays they’ll have to focus on moving forward. Hope asks, “Move forward from what?” Liam replies, “A mistake I made that I should have told you about right away.”
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Liam goes over the night he thought he saw her and Thomas kissing and wishes he’d gone into the apartment… then none of this would have happened. Hope, exasperated, tells him that night is in the past and isn’t relevant — they can put it in the past and forget about it. Liam winces, “No. We can’t.” Liam stammers on about how he should have known Hope wouldn’t kiss Thomas.
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Steffy greets Finn as he comes in from a swim. He notes they have the whole evening to themselves since Kelly’s gone with her grandparents and wants to know if she’d like to go out. Steffy thought they could talk. Finn loves what he does but shares that his life has even more meaning now that he gets to come home to her. “Being here with you and Kelly feels like home to me.” It’s got him thinking what it might be like to be together all the time as a family.
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Finn knows things will get more complicated for them given she has a child with Liam. It’s clear from the portrait on the wall she has more ties than he does, but that’s a memory. He hopes she sees a more fulfilling future with him. Finn wants to spend the rest of their lives together and asks her to tell him she wants that too. Steffy thinks that’s a definite possibility.

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In the design office, Paris flashes to Zende saying he won’t allow her to leave, then looks at a photo of her sister. Carter enters and asks her to change her mind about accepting the offer. Paris recaps that it’s an amazing opportunity. She asks him to tell Ridge and Zende she appreciates their faith in her, but she can’t take the job.
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Zende finds Zoe in the main office and brings up Paris’ job offer. He thinks she’d be an amazing addition to Forrester Creations and asks, “Don’t you?” Zoe thinks she’s going to turn it down. Zende says she was, but he told her she had to take it. He demands to know if Zoe is against her working there. Zoe would never put her down. Zende understands there must be issues between them but he won’t let Paris pass up this opportunity; there must be room for both of them there.

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Zende joins Carter in the design office to talk about Paris’ job offer. Carter was hoping she’d take it but she declined. “She’s gone.” Zende barks, “When?” Carter says just now. Zende takes off running.

Paris is about to leave the Forrester studio when Zende appears. “Paris! You can’t leave. Don’t go.” He presses her to stay and take the job. Whatever is going on with Zoe, she can’t let it hold her back. She’s perfect for the position and has to take it. Paris gushes that he always says exactly what she needs to hear. Now nothing could make her drive away from there. She thanks him with a kiss.
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Still in the cabin, Liam marvels that he just left Thomas’ apartment without saying a word then drove back to Steffy’s. Hope tenses. Liam recalls even Steffy said she wouldn’t have been with Thomas like that, but he started drinking… and kept drinking. “I’m so sorry. I wish I could take that night back.” He wishes he had come home. Liam cries, “But I didn’t come home.” Hope demands, “Where did you sleep?” She sobs and laughs at the same time as she asks, “Is that what you’re trying to tell me? You and Steffy?” She screams, “No! You and Steffy?!”

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