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At Steffy’s, Liam knows she hopes the baby is Finn’s, but they both know it could be his. He once again questions everything that led to where they are now… with her pregnant. Steffy recaps that either Finn’s going to be a father for the first time or Liam’s world is about to be turned upside-down. Liam starts in on the need to come clean. The results of the paternity test won’t change what they did. Hope and Finn deserve to know the truth now.

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Steffy doesn’t want to hurt anyone and worries about the kids. Liam can’t keep doing this and figures it must be weighing on her too. Steffy concedes that it is. She agonizes about the possibility the baby isn’t Finn’s, then sighs that Liam’s right; they need to know. Liam prays that after the shock and pain wear off Hope will want to preserve their marriage. Steffy wants that for him. They agree to get the paternity test, but in the meantime, Hope and Finn need to know what they’ve done.
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At Brooke’s place, Thomas is grateful for the support he’s received from friends and family… especially Hope’s. He talks about moving forward before asking if she’s heard from Liam yet. Hope hasn’t, and wonders what he went to see Steffy about. She figures he just hasn’t had a chance to text her yet. Thomas reflects on Liam walking away when he thought he saw them kissing and notes he spends a lot of time at Steffy’s. Hope is proud of how far they’ve come. Thomas muses it must be comforting to have such faith in her relationship. He hopes Liam won’t ever hurt her.
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In Forrester’s design office, Zende realizes Paris doesn’t really want to leave. He can’t just let her walk out of there and say goodbye. Zende wonders if he’s driving her away. She scoffs, “As if…” Zende presses for an explanation. Paris cryptically says it’s out of her hands. She wishes they could have been celebrating right now. Zende learns she got a job offer at the Forrester Foundation and marvels that Ridge must have been impressed with her. Paris shrugs that Carter put in a good word too. Zende can’t understand why they’re not popping bottles and declares, “You’re taking the position. You’re not going anywhere.” Paris admits if it were up to her, she’d take it in a heartbeat. Suddenly, he realizes Zoe may have something to do with this. He’ll talk to her. Paris isn’t going anywhere — he won’t allow it.
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In the main office, Zoe wants to be finished with the discussion about Paris, but Carter wants answers. He doesn’t want to pressure her, but worries about the bad blood between the sisters. Zoe wants him to drop it, but Carter becomes more upset. Why doesn’t she want Paris to accept Ridge’s offer?! Zoe doesn’t wish to appear selfish but she’d rather Paris made her life somewhere else other than Forrester.

Alone in her kitchen, Steffy looks through photos of Finn on her phone, sighs, then touches her belly.

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Liam enters the cabin and calls, “Hope?” He looks at the framed photos of them in happier times and flashes to kissing Steffy and her telling him she’s pregnant.

Hope arrives at home and asks if Kelly was okay. Liam says she’s fine. Hope wonders why Steffy asked to see him. Liam tears up. “I love you. You’re so compassionate.” He doesn’t know how he could have thought she would betray him. She says it’s okay. Liam replies, “It’s not okay.” He continues that something happened… something he needs to tell her about. Hope looks alarmed as he chokes out, “I’m really hoping you’ll find a way to understand.”

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