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At Steffy’s place, she tells Liam, “This baby has got to be Finn’s!” They recap that he loves Hope and she loves Finn. Steffy laments that that one night that could change their lives forever. They marvel at the chain reaction that began with Liam’s misunderstanding about the kiss and has ended with her pregnancy.

Liam feels Steffy must now understand that he can’t wait any longer — he has to talk to Hope; she has to know about their night together. Steffy shakes her head in horror. She protests that he doesn’t have to destroy his family, especially when they don’t even know it’s his baby. Steffy screams, “Don’t tell Hope. You can’t!” Liam argues it’s not possible to keep this secret anymore, but Steffy goes over all the bad that will come of it again. She wants to get a paternity test first. Liam protests that doesn’t erase what they did that night — what he did to his family. “Look me in the eye and tell me how I did that!”
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In Brooke’s living room, Thomas and Hope go over Liam thinking he saw them kissing, then leaving. Thomas recaps that he kissed a mannequin and Liam thought Hope was cheating on him. That had to hurt a lot. Hope insists he repeat after her, “What happened that night was not my fault.” Thomas feels terrible that she and Liam could have had problems because of him. He promises that will never happen again. Hope asks Thomas to stop apologizing. Thomas doesn’t think it’s so bad for him to have found some humility. He’s embarrassed by how messed up he was. Hope reminds him it was all the hematoma and assures him that night can be put behind them — nothing will ever come of it.
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Talk circles back to Liam still being at Steffy’s place. Thomas can’t help but remark that Hope deserves a man who is all about her. He promises the guy who used to hit on her isn’t there anymore; he values their working relationship and their relationship as co-parents. He’ll always love her but how he loves her has changed. He’s not obsessed anymore and accepts her marriage to Liam.

In Forrester Creations’ design office, Zende talks to Zoe about accessories but she’s zoned out. He asks what’s going on with her. She shrugs, “Nothing.” Zende calls her a liar and presses her to open up. She admits she’s thinking about Paris. Zende muses about her having her sister there to share in her life, but Zoe wants to see her find a place to land and make her own dreams come true. Zende thinks it would be great if that place was L.A.
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Paris finds Carter in the main office while looking for Ridge. She tells him about the job offers she received earlier. Carter begins, “Paris, you’re very talented. About the position…” Paris interrupts to say, “I’m going to turn it down.” Carter isn’t surprised and she assumes he spoke to her sister. Carter wonders if there’s some way they can work this out and asks if she’s really okay with walking away from the opportunity. He realizes she’s turning it down because of Zoe, but urges her to give it more thought so she doesn’t regret her decision.
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Zoe joins Carter in the main office and attempts to joke but he’s in a serious mood. He informs her she got what she wanted — Paris is turning the job offer down.

In the design office, Zende teases it’s his lucky day when Paris walks in. She wishes she could say the same — she’s come to say goodbye. Zende doesn’t understand when she claims she won’t be coming around Forrester anymore. He hates this; they’re just getting to know each other. “I’m going to miss you.” Zende asks her to reconsider.

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