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At the cliffhouse, Finn tells Steffy he’s not used to expressing feelings like this. Though he thought he had felt love before, now he knows… he could share his life with her. Steffy loves how Finn’s opening up but can’t help but stare at the paper bag on the coffee table. Finn gets called to the hospital and heads into the bedroom to get dressed, leaving Steffy consumed with worry. She glances at the bag again.

finn profess his love to steffy B&B

In the cabin, almost in tears, Hope pushes Liam to reveal what’s wrong — did she do something? Liam assures her she didn’t, and wishes she could help, but, “This isn’t the kind of thing that can be fixed.” It’ll take a lot of patience and understanding. Hope insists she’s his biggest supporter. Liam warns she’s not going to like what he has to say.

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Hope knows this has to do with Thomas living on the grounds. Liam halts Hope, “It’s not about Thomas. It’s about Steffy.” Suddenly, Liam’s phone rings. Hope recognizes Steffy’s ringtone and demands he pick up. Steffy orders him to come to the cliffhouse — now. Hope thinks something’s wrong with Kelly, but Liam tries to calm her and begs her to know how much she and their marriage mean to him. He rushes off.

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In the living room at the main house, Hope looks for Brooke but she’s not home. Thomas knows something’s wrong and convinces her to open up. Hope goes over her conversation with Liam and how he was trying to get something off his chest until Steffy called. It was urgent but she hopes it wasn’t an emergency having to do with Kelly.

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Liam arrives at the cliffhouse and wonders what’s wrong. Steffy assures him Kelly is fine but there’s something he needs to know. Liam admits he was in the process of confessing to Hope when she called — he refuses to lie anymore. Steffy warns about the pain he will cause but Liam rambles on about Hope’s big heart and how he thinks she’ll find some way to forgive him — it was just one night, they can move on. Steffy counters that they might not be able to move on and says, “I’m pregnant, Liam, I’m pregnant.”

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In the design office, Paris screams with pleasure and tells Zoe that Ridge offered her a job at Forrester. Zoe looks as though she’s going to blow her top. Paris is so thankful for the opportunity and asks for Zoe’s advice, “I should take the job, right?” Zoe makes it clear, “No, you should not!” Paris is confused, this job isn’t about high fashion — that’s Zoe’s world — it’s about the foundation and helping people. Zoe thinks she wants to copy her every move, like when they were kids, and forbids her to work at Forrester. Paris calls her mom and cannot believe Zoe isn’t proud of her. Why is she so threatened? Paris tries to convince Zoe that she won’t even see her, they’ll have two different jobs. Zoe won’t budge and says, “You won’t work at Forrester Creations.”

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