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In the cabin, Hope notes it’s pretty tense between Steffy and Liam and wonders why he’s not looking at her. She asks what she’s not supposed to know. “What did I walk in on?” Liam gawps so Steffy intervenes to explain that Liam was planning a romantic dinner for Hope and she was merely insisting it should be a surprise. Hope gushes that’s so thoughtful and feels bad she ruined the surprise. Steffy leaves them to enjoy their life and family — nothing is more important.
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Hope thinks Steffy was acting weird and hopes it’s not something with Finn; she really wants that relationship to last. Liam goes silent and she notices. He assures her he’s fine, but has a lot on his mind. Hope wonders if it has to do with Thomas staying at Brooke’s. “Is that what’s bothering you?” Liam concedes he’s not thrilled about it, but it’s not his call to make.

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At the cliff house, a shirtless Finn is startled when a stranger walks in carrying a giant teddy bear. It’s Wyatt, also stunned, who is followed by Flo. They realize Finn is Steffy’s new doctor boyfriend and introduce themselves. Since Steffy and Kelly are out they’ll get to know Finn. Flo observes that he wants a family and clearly works out a lot. Wyatt sputters, “What?!” She just means it’s obvious why Steffy’s interested in him.
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Once Finn’s donned a shirt, Wyatt goes over how Finn and Steffy met and fell in love. Finn confirms it’s not a fling; they’re serious. Wyatt’s pleased to see her with a guy who knows how special she is. Steffy arrives and Wyatt yells, “Surprise!” She marvels over the teddy bear and Flo tells Steffy, “Great catch,” as they leave. Finn hopes she doesn’t mind him letting himself in. Steffy beams, “Not at all.” They go over him helping Thomas. Finn was really looking out for her. Steffy cryptically warns he can’t always protect her from things — like herself. Finn vows they’ll see through problems together.

In Ridge’s office, he’s keen to have Paris consider a job there. He agrees with Carter she’s a perfect fit for the foundation. He doesn’t want to pressure her, but wants her to consider it and be sure it’s what she wants to do. “I hope your answer is yes. Let me know.”
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In the design office, Zoe informs Carter that she does not want her sister Paris working at Forrester Creations in any capacity. Carter’s mystified at her attitude toward Paris and feels he’s entitled to know if they have issues. Irritated, Zoe just wants him to stop this before it goes any further. She asks Carter to trust her on this, but he argues that Paris is impressive. Zoe pleads for him to stop Ridge from talking to Paris while there’s still time.

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Carter’s not budging and wants answers from his fiancée. Zoe rambles about Paris being young and inexperienced. She claims to be concerned about how it would reflect on Carter for recommending her if it doesn’t work out. “Do not let Ridge hire Paris. It could ruin everything.” Warming to her theme, she manages to convince Carter that his reputation is at stake and he agrees to track down Ridge before he makes an offer. He trusts her and apologizes for going ahead without asking her first.

Paris enters the design office and gasps to Zoe, “You’ll never guess what just happened!”

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In the cabin, Liam flashes to sex with Steffy and blurts to Hope that he really believed Thomas was kissing her. He muses it’s crazy how one misunderstanding can set off a chain of events. Hope asks, “What is going on here?” Liam has something to tell her…
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