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In the cabin, Steffy and Liam go over their secret and realize they shouldn’t be discussing it there. Liam’s mind is still blown by Thomas staying with Brooke and Ridge. He complains he’ll have to see and hear about him on a daily basis — a constant reminder of the mistake he made believing Hope betrayed him when he actually betrayed her. Liam laments that when he’s with Hope and she tells him she loves him all he feels is guilt. Liam rages, “How could I be so stupid?!” Steffy reminds him their feelings for Hope and Finn haven’t changed and there’s no reason to cause them pain. “We need to move on.” Liam barks, “How?!”

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At Brooke’s house, Hope continues her visit with Thomas, who hopes she believes he’s sincere about wanting to change. After getting him some water, Hope reminds Thomas to take it easy. He promises and knows how lucky he is to be talking to her now. Thomas needs to know he didn’t mess things up with them. The changes he was making were genuine but the way he was acting before his collapse; that wasn’t him. Hope reassures him — he hit his head and didn’t know what he was doing. She’s focused on his recovery and believes in him.
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At Forrester Creations, Ridge asks Paris if she likes it there and reveals Carter’s been talking about her. Paris is a bit confused and worries she went on and on to Carter. Ridge goes over her qualifications and asks about her ambitions. After hearing what she has to say offscreen, Ridge feels Carter was right about her being passionate. Paris elaborates about helping people and Ridge smiles. He reveals they’re looking for someone to replace a departing employee at their foundation and asks if she’d be interested. Paris gasps, “Of course!” He suggests she consider it and perhaps talk to Zoe.
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In the design office, Carter excitedly relays to Zoe his plans for Paris to work there. She intones, “You can’t be serious.” Zoe argues Paris isn’t interested in the fashion industry. Carter notes she has other qualifications that would be very useful. If it all works out they’ll have two Buckingham sisters at Forrester.

Zoe continues to debate the point — Paris is a social worker. Carter insists she’d be an excellent addition to the Forrester family. Zoe questions if she’s qualified to work at the foundation. Carter feels she’s a good fit. Zoe snaps, “I don’t,” and urges Carter to find the right person for the job — anyone but her sister. Carter’s stunned. Zoe does not want to work with Paris. She hopes she does well, but not there; not at Forrester Creations.
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In the cabin, Liam agonizes that the lie is tearing him apart. Steffy angrily reminds him of the history between them. Liam spins out and marvels, “Who kisses a mannequin?” Thomas lost it and he’s losing it. “I cannot go on like this.” Steffy rants at him to think about Kelly, Beth and Douglas and not throw their life into chaos. “You cannot tell Hope!” Just then, Hope walks in. “Don’t tell me what?” Liam’s rendered speechless as Steffy glares daggers his way. Hope demands, “Liam! Answer me!”
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