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At home, Brooke asks, “Thomas? Here?” Ridge explains why he can’t go elsewhere and pleads with her to give his son a place to land. Soon, Steffy arrives with Thomas, who is still a little sore and questions why he’s there. Brooke reveals they’d like him to stay there while he heals.

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Thomas is floored by Brooke’s offer. Steffy thinks this turned out nicely. Ridge relays they were worried about him, then talk turns to Douglas, who will be excited to see him. Thomas declares he can’t wait to put that awful night behind him. Steffy grimaces at the mention of the night she slept with Liam.
Thomas floored B&B

In the cabin, Hope and Liam discuss Thomas being discharged. Hope admits it’s hard to know what to expect. She gets a text from work and Liam flashes to seeing her saying she’d never betray him. Hope finishes working and relays her plans to take Douglas over to see his father later. She talks about moving on from the night Thomas collapsed; she’s sure he’d like that too. Liam seems downcast and she notices. Liam hopes she knows how happy he is in their marriage. Hope would never question his love and devotion. Hope exits, and Liam agonizes.
Liam guilt B&B

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At Forrester Creations, in the studio, Zoe asks Paris about her plan for employment. Zende appears and hopes she’s not thinking of leaving town. Paris protests that she just got there. Zende can’t imagine she’ll have trouble finding a job. Zoe doesn’t want her to put her dreams on hold, even if it means her leaving Los Angeles. She reminds her she can live anywhere in the world. Zende goes on about her ability to affect change — she should do what she loves and he’s sure she can make a difference in L.A.
Paris plans B&B

Carter joins the others in the studio and admires Zoe’s smile, which he hopes to make bigger by the end of the day.

In the design office, Carter continues to tease about the surprise he has for Zoe. It could be wonderful for her… and Paris. Zoe balks and wonders what it could have to do with her sister. Carter beams as he relays how impressed he is with Paris’ passion for non-profit work which he thinks could be useful there at Forrester.

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In the main office, Ridge speaks to a caterer for New Year’s Eve, after which Paris enters. They exchange niceties about Thomas before she asks why he wanted to meet her. Ridge wants to hear about her social work.

At home, Brooke makes Thomas comfortable and tells him to holler if he wants anything. She teases about him having a cheeseburger. Thomas turns serious to thank her for being understanding and inviting him to stay there. He appreciates it and wouldn’t want to be alone right now… especially at his place.
Hope surprised B&B

Hope appears in her mother’s living room and is pleased to see Thomas. A wary expression crosses Brooke’s face. Thomas explains he’s staying there and Hope turns to her mother for confirmation. Brooke relays he’s moving in for a while and Hope beams. Brooke admits what he did still hurts and she’ll always be cautious around him. This is what Ridge wants, and they’re family, so she’d like to move past this. She’ll need reassurance, however, that he’s no longer obsessed with her daughter and recognizes that Hope and Liam are committed to one another.

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Steffy joins Liam in the cabin and relays that Thomas is moving into the main house with her dad and Brooke. Liam chuckles. Now he’ll have to deal with Thomas, who is a constant reminder of what he thought he saw and what happened. Steffy reminds him his marriage is still intact, but he rants that everything is definitely not fine. Steffy hollers that he’s torturing himself. Liam can’t keep living this way. He needs to tell Hope, and he needs to tell her today.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Liam begins to unravel under the weight of his guilt.

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