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At the Forrester mansion, Eric’s surprised to see Ridge there early. He reveals someone has a surprise for him. He walks into the living room where Brooke says, “Ta da!” She’s put Stephanie’s portrait back over the mantle. Eric agrees to leave it there for one night as a tribute, but warns he wants everyone to get along for the holidays.

Zende appears and teases he could hear his granddad stirring the egg nog from his room. Ridge and Eric step away and Zende tells Brooke if Quinn comes home early she’ll be in trouble. Brooke only has two words for Quinn, “Merry Christmas.” Carter and Zoe arrive. She greets Zende, who reacts flirtatiously…but his remark is directed to Paris who is standing behind her. Zoe takes Paris aside and hisses, “What are you doing here?”

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Eric, Ridge and Brooke reappear in the living room. Eric’s glad to see Paris and sits at the piano to launch into “Deck the Halls.” They all join in.
Brooke sing B&B

After Zende’s given Paris the tour and she’s raved about the mansion, Zoe takes her sister into the kitchen to confront her again. “This is a family dinner.” Paris protests that Zende invited her. She insists she texted Zoe and jokes around. Zoe relents and allows her to stay but when Paris wants to playfully give her a kiss under the mistletoe, she snaps, “Don’t push it.”
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In the living room, Ridge and Brooke talk about Steffy and Hope’s plans with the grandkids. Carter, Zoe, and Paris join the conversation. Eric pulls out a huge present and Zoe teases she heard bells outside before singing “Jingle Bells” for the group. Carter looks on lovingly.
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Later, Paris thanks Zende for inviting her. Nearby, Carter tells Zoe her gift to him was agreeing to marry him. He notices Zende and Paris bonding as they look up at Stephanie’s portrait and tells her all about the matriarch. He thinks Paris is a special woman too.

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Soon, Eric takes time to speak to each of those gathered as he makes the traditional Christmas speech. He raves about the younger set’s talents and wishes he could have protected Brooke and Ridge from everything that happened this year. He knows their love will rise about it. Ridge makes a speech in kind to his father. All of their lives are better because he’s in it.

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After Brooke does a bible reading, Paris thanks everyone and offers to sing a carol. Even Zoe smiles as Paris gives her rendition of “Silent Night.” When she finishes, Eric tells her it was beautiful and makes another little speech about being kind to each other. Ridge senses another song coming on. At the piano, Eric leads the group in “Joy to the World” before they all turn to look up at Stephanie.
Stephanie portrait B&B

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