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At Forrester Creations, Hope and Steffy admire Zende’s publicity photos for the line and agree he and Zoe work well together. They’ll have to pick up the slack while Thomas is out. Hope glances at the Hope mannequin and Steffy groans. Hope admits it creeps her out a bit still and marvels at everything Thomas went through; it must have been hard on Steffy. The brunette confirms it was and hopes they can all put it behind them since Thomas is getting stronger every day.

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As Steffy and Hope’s conversation continues, Hope marvels at the role Steffy’s new boyfriend played in saving her brother’s life. She can tell Steffy is falling for him and is happy for her. “I can tell he cares for you, just like Liam cares for me.”
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Charlie enters the office and takes the mannequin away. After, Hope admits to Steffy that there was a time she was worried about her history with Liam, but it’s just that — history. Liam enters and Hope relays she was just saying how happy she is they’re moving on from the past. Steffy and Liam smile and nod awkwardly. Steffy states her future is with Finn; it’s nice to know Hope’s rooting for them. Hope recaps, “You have the man you love and so do I.”

After Hope goes, Liam is overcome with guilt about cheating on his wife. It’s eating him up from the inside and he can’t keep up the lie. Steffy levels a glare at him as he protests, “I’ve got to tell Hope.”

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In the design office, Carter works to convince Ridge that Paris Buckingham can meet the challenges of the foundation and be a good fit for them. Ridge balks. Carter insists she has fire — he believes Paris could deliver for them just as Zoe has. “She’s a great fit.” Ridge teases that she’s Carter’s future sister-in-law as well. He’ll look over her qualifications and get back to him. He needles Carter about his pink tie and is glad everything’s going so well for him. Carter adds if he can keep Paris in town it will keep his fiancée very happy.
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In the studio, Paris can’t understand why Zoe snapped at her and questions if she’s done something specific. Zoe has been living her own life for a while and values her privacy. Paris asks if she’s over-stepped in some way. She understands Zoe is trying to set boundaries and wants her to respect them. Zoe sighs. She just doesn’t need her so involved in her personal life.

Zende enters, quickly realizes he walked in on something, and asks what’s going on. Zoe assures him it’s just sisters being sisters. Zende talks about publicity and Paris beams at Zende — she’s sure he can handle himself with the reporters. Zoe takes it in. Zende asks Paris’ opinion on his sketch. She tells him it’s one of the most beautiful gowns she’s ever seen. Zende is clearly moved. Zoe thinks Paris must have somewhere to be. She gets called away and tries to get Paris to leave with her, but Zende wants more feedback.
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Carter is remembering proposing to Zoe when she appears in the design office doorway. He was just about to text her. She’s taken aback when he expresses that he hopes her sister is there to stay.

Having stepped out briefly, Paris returns to the design office to find Zende shirtless after spilling coffee on himself. They have a flirty exchange.

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