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At Forrester Creations, Hope tells Zoe and Zende that Steffy will have more updated information on Thomas than she does. Zoe points out she was supposed to attend their meeting. Hope wonders where she is. They rehash what happened to Thomas and Zende asks about her being with him at the time he collapsed. Hope credits Finn with saving him — if anyone’s the hero here it’s him.

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In the design office, Carter asks Ridge about Thomas before advising him that their Forrester Foundation employee, Olivia, is leaving unexpectedly. Ridge is comfortable with Carter filling the spot. “I believe in you.” Ridge takes a call and exits.
Carter new hire B&B

Paris enters the design office and goes over how happy she is that Carter and her sister are engaged and suggests they promote a cause they care about while they’re in the spotlight. Carter’s impressed. She runs down her qualifications and love of helping people. Carter listens, then asks her about her experience with fundraising. He explains he oversees the Forrester Foundation.

In her bedroom, Steffy awakens and realizes she’s running late as Finn walks in with coffee. She teases, “What fun is it being the boss if you can’t go in late once in a while.” He leans in and they start kissing. After, Finn reassures her Thomas is doing fine. She thanks him for taking such good care of her brother. He’s dedicated to taking care of all the Forresters in his life. They discuss her going to the hospital and joke about Steffy sneaking in a cheeseburger to Thomas. Finn cracks, “That’s not the fine, upstanding woman I know.” An alarmed expression briefly crosses Steffy’s face before they kiss goodbye.
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Charlie enters the main office with the Hope mannequin and Hope smirks as he rushes off to see to a raccoon in the parking lot. Zende and Zoe follow him out. Ridge enters and marvels at the sight of the mannequin and Thomas believing it was Hope. He asks how she’s doing. She’s fine and wants to visit Thomas later. Steffy arrives, apologizes for missing the meeting, and then is stunned to see the mannequin.

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After Ridge leaves, Steffy and Hope discuss Finn. Hope wonders if that’s where she was this morning; it’s not like her to miss a meeting. Steffy demurs that she may have overslept. They agree they’re creeped out by the mannequin’s uncanny resemblance to Hope. The blonde remarks on Liam thinking it was her and is glad nothing came of him believing he saw her and Thomas kissing. Steffy looks uncomfortable.

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Ridge rejoins Carter who has a candidate in mind to fill Olivia’s position — Zoey’s sister, Paris.

In the studio, Zoe’s irked to hear Paris has been wandering the building and was talking to Carter. She prefers if she didn’t interfere in her personal or work life.
Zoe upset Paris B&B

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Zende interrupts a heated moment between Paris and Zoe.

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