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In the cabin, Hope can’t believe everything that’s happened lately. Liam can’t either. She reflects on almost losing Thomas and credits Finn with saving the day. Liam admits he’s glad he’ll be okay. Hope smiles. “You really are the best man I know.” She expands on how much she loves him. Hope is grateful he’s her husband.

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Still in their living room, Hope recaps the events surrounding Thomas’ collapse and hospitalization and marvels that Liam stood by her throughout. Liam didn’t want him to die and remarks on Hope’s capacity for forgiveness. He never wants to take her or their family for granted… ever. Liam will work toward being worthy of her love until the day he dies. He asks her to never doubt how much he loves her no matter what happens. Hope promises. She teases they should head to the bedroom after she checks on the kids. Left alone, Liam flashes through the situation surrounding sex with Steffy and recalls her warning him not to come clean.
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At Steffy’s place, Finn asks if she’s okay. She can’t help but listen for Kelly even though she’s not there and decides to call Thomas but Finn assures her he’s fine. Steffy doesn’t know how she can thank him for saving her brother. Finn grins. “Give me a minute. I’ll come up with something.” She senses Finn is distracted. He worries he could have acted sooner with Thomas, but she assures him there was nothing more he could have done — he’s her hero. Steffy elaborates that guilt is a waste of time and says she loves him even more now. Finn loves her too.
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Steffy calls Finn into the bedroom, where she reveals sexy lingerie and invites him to have a night to remember. He tells her she’s beautiful and pulls her into his arms. They begin undressing and make love. After sex, Steffy lets Finn know she is committed to him.
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In Brooke’s bedroom, Ridge reports that Thomas is resting. Talk turns to Finn. Ridge thinks he’s good for Steffy who needs another possibility in life. They go over the signs Finn saw where Thomas was concerned. Ridge is grateful to him and Hope. He marvels at her forgiving Thomas and saving his life after he kept her child from her.
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Later, Brooke finds Ridge is miles away. They discuss how intense things have been as Ridge muses he wants to take Thomas’ pain away. Brooke understands wanting to protect your children. Ridge wants to protect Brooke too. He hopes their kids will all be okay. Brooke’s encouraged by Hope and Liam living out their happily ever after.

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