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At the cliff house, Steffy recaps her and Liam’s situation and stresses how important it is that he keep their secret from Hope. She states they need to get back to the hospital and warns once they walk out the door there’s no turning back. “You cannot tell Hope. It would break her heart.”

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In the hospital corridor, Ridge and Hope share a laugh over Thomas thinking he should be able to go home tomorrow. The conversation turns serious as Ridge tells Hope she gave Douglas hope after losing his mom. He’s very lucky and so is Thomas. Ridge remarks on her being so caring after all he put her though. “I’m very grateful. Without you he wouldn’t be here right now.” Hope reflects it’s been wonderful watching Thomas and Douglas rebuild their relationship and credits Ridge for being there for Thomas every step of the way. Ridge confides that Thomas opened up to him about the mannequin.
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After Steffy and Liam return to the hospital, they join Finn, Hope, and Ridge, who raises the uncomfortable issue of what happened with the mannequin. When Ridge steps away to take a call, Finn goes to change so he can hang out with Steffy. Hope asks if Liam’s okay before going to get coffee.
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In the office at Forrester Creations, Zoe and Zende discuss Thomas landing in the hospital with a subdural hematoma. Zende is happy to pick up the slack designing until Thomas can get back to work, but part of him will never forgive Thomas for lying to Zoe, manipulating her emotions, and hurting her. If he’d been there when she was going through that he would have taken care of Thomas personally.

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As Zende remarks on how special Zoe is, Paris enters and quickly realizes she’s interrupting something. They go over Thomas’ situation and Paris is surprised her sister’s concerned about him. Zoe has turned the page. Paris thinks her sis is amazing. Zende concurs. After, Paris watches Zoe and Zende work well together on a design and muses about how they get each other.
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At Steffy’s place, Finn suggests a zoo trip with Kelly. If he’s going to be a dad one day he’ll have to learn. He helps her tidy up so she can sit down and process everything that’s happened. Finn assures Steffy there’s no reason Thomas shouldn’t fully recover. Steffy opens up about her fears she would lose her brother — he’s alive because of him. “I’ll never stop thanking you, Finn.” When Finn steps away, Steffy looks at the photo of her and Liam and takes a deep breath.

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In the cabin, Hope asks about the conference call Liam had; Ridge told her that was the reason he left the hospital. Liam grunts it was fine. Talk turns to Thomas and Liam marvels at how understanding Hope is; he’s grateful to be in her life. He hopes she never doubts his love for her, and hopes not to disappoint her again. Hope remarks on how honorable and devoted he is — she knows he’ll never let her down.

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