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In the cliff house, Steffy and Liam recap how precious their time was together despite the fact that it shouldn’t have happened. Steffy feels it was all an illusion, but Liam rejects that characterization; he felt the same things she did. Steffy asks him to stop; that sentiment would hurt Hope even more if she found out. She reminds him Hope didn’t turn her back on their marriage; she and Finn will feel so betrayed if they find out. Liam still wants to come clean and points out he thought his marriage was over. Steffy argues it will be if he confesses. Liam can’t just pretend their night together didn’t happen and won’t have it being a shameful secret they have to hide. Right or wrong that night will stay with him forever. They continue to debate. Steffy insists they need to find a way to get past this and move on with their lives. “This isn’t just about us, this will impact everyone we care about.” Liam reminds her they’ve been through difficult things before; he has to believe Hope would forgive him eventually. Steffy doesn’t want to lie but too much is at stake. “There’s too much history there.” Liam worries Hope will find out some other way and doesn’t want to risk that either. Steffy sighs, “Liam please.” Liam relents. “I hear you.” Steffy’s relieved. “No one can know what happened. Please tell me you won’t say anything.” Liam replies, “I won’t say anything.”
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At the hospital, Hope explains to Finn that Thomas was completely detached from reality when he was kissing the mannequin. She only told him because he’s Thomas’ doctor and she wants him to feel assured that it’s over and there’s nothing else to worry about. Finn confirms the hematoma could have caused the situation. He learns Liam saw it happen and believed Thomas was kissing her. Hope explains he knows the truth now and hopes they can all move on. She frets that Thomas is afraid to let anyone down; it’s important he knows he has her support and understanding, though she loves her husband Liam and will always be committed to him.

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In Thomas’ room, he tells his father he kissed the Hope mannequin. His father digests the information. Thomas is apologetic. Ridge can’t understand why. Thomas scared Hope and felt crazy. Ridge reassures him, but Thomas worries his dad will be ashamed of him. Ridge blames it all on the pressure in his brain and promises things will be better. They’re all there for him. Thomas gasps, “I tried to fight it.” He cries that it felt so real. Ridge swipes away tears as Thomas agonizes over wanting Douglas and Hope to trust he won’t hurt them. Ridge realizes he wants to be the kind of person Hope could love. Thomas confirms he still loves her, but he’s not after her and respects her marriage. Ridge is glad she was there. Thomas informs his father he told Hope how he feels about her; how he’ll always feel. Ridge wants to focus on being grateful and urges Thomas to look toward recovery, but he keeps going on about Hope… after everything he put her though she still opened her heart; how could he not love her?
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