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In the hospital, Liam and Steffy keep going over his mistake in thinking he saw Hope kissing Thomas. Steffy can’t talk about this while Thomas is fighting for his life. She can’t lose her brother; she already lost her sister. Liam continues talking about it as he’s determined to come clean and insists, “Hope needs to know what happened last night.” He assures Steffy he meant everything he said to her, and this will hurt Hope, but he doesn’t think he has a choice and must confess.

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In a hospital waiting area, Hope watches Ridge pace. He feels helpless and worries about who his son will be when he wakes up after having brain trauma. Hope gets him a coffee and he relays he updated Brooke, who’s helping with the kids. Finn appears and reports Thomas is out of surgery. Liam and Steffy join them and Steffy presses her boyfriend to tell them Thomas will be okay. Finn relays the procedure went better than expected, and he’ll have to be monitored for seizures, but is expected to make a full recovery. They believe the delusions were caused by the hematoma putting pressure on the brain. He’s glad Hope was there — if Thomas had collapsed alone in his apartment they’d be having a very different conversation right now. Steffy and Ridge go in to see Thomas. Liam marvels that Hope saved Thomas’ life. She’s glad things can go back to normal. For her, that’s the two of them, their family, and their love. Liam looks filled with dread when she turns away.
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In Thomas’ hospital room, Steffy talks to Thomas about getting back to Douglas, and Ridge tells him he gave them quite a scare before going into how proud he is of him. Thomas awakens. They urge him not to try and talk; they’re here for him and so are Liam and Hope. Thomas sees Hope through the window and says her name.

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn tells Eric she had to come by; she couldn’t bear being away from him one moment longer. Eric knows she’s hoping he’ll get past what she did. Quinn realizes she did a terrible thing to Ridge and Brooke; she wanted Shauna to have the happiness she had with Eric, but it hurt all three of them and almost destroyed their marriage. She fishes to find out whether Eric still thinks there’s a chance for them. Eric notes she barged right in. Quinn admits she was there earlier and overheard everything Shauna said to him. She doesn’t know what she was thinking believing Shauna could betray her. Quinn owns up to using her friend in her vendetta against Brooke, then professes her love to Eric and asks him to forgive her. Eric feels she went too far this time and complains about what she’s put everyone through. In spite of all that, he’s missed her in the house; he’s missed what they had together, but she was willing to risk all that to get back at Brooke. Quinn will apologize as many times as it takes. Eric surprises her by saying it’s his turn. It was insensitive of him to invite Shauna to stay there and he’s sorry. “I love you, Quinn.” She gasps in relief, “Oh, Eric,” then gushes, “I love you so much, Eric Forrester, and I will love you forever and ever.” They embrace.
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