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At the beach house, Wyatt and Flo come in from the water and find Quinn sulking. She reminds them she wouldn’t be there if Flo’s mother hadn’t moved in with her husband. As Quinn rants, Flo reminds her that Shauna moved out. Quinn just wants to be home with her husband. Wyatt goes over her losing Eric’s trust completely. Quinn is frustrated since Shauna was in on all of this yet she’s the one who got punished. She questions if she took her husband’s feelings into consideration; she just got so caught up. Wyatt and Flo confirm they’d like her to go home too. Quinn complains it’s just been radio silence from Eric and warns Shauna better not be a part of his life still. She decides to go get her husband.

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Shauna enters the Forrester mansion and finds Eric in quiet contemplations looking at Quinn’s portrait. They agree Quinn’s beautiful and Shauna suggests he’s missing her like crazy. Eric goes over her manipulation of Ridge and Shauna asks him to give her another chance. Eric’s missed having Shauna around. Shauna learned so much just listening to him talk. Eric’s chuffed to hear he broadened her horizons. Shauna tells him Quinn’s still holding a grudge, but they’ll be fine. She laments that Ridge doesn’t trust her any longer but feels Eric and Quinn will make it. Eric tells Shauna she’s gorgeous, funny, and smart but Brooke will always come first with Ridge. She’s too good to wait for crumbs. As Shauna presses him to take Quinn back, he admits he’s exhausted from living with chaos and his feelings for her took a hit. Shauna protests; he loves her and misses her and should have her come home. Eric concedes it’s not the same without her. Shauna teases that Flo and Wyatt would like her to come home too. Eric can’t get past the breach of trust and even worse it was directed at his son and Brooke. Quinn sneaks in and listens as Shauna makes another pitch on her behalf. “Forgive your wife. Take her back. Don’t throw your marriage away.”
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At the hospital, Ridge pleads with Finn to help Thomas get through this. Finn explains the surgery is risky given it involves the brain. He promises Steffy he’ll take care of her brother. After Finn goes, Hope marvels over Thomas talking to the mannequin like it was real and recalls finally getting through to him before he hit the floor. Liam asks if anyone’s called Taylor. Ridge snarks that he’ll wait until the surgery is over if that’s all right with him. Hope worries about Douglas losing his father and Ridge snaps at her too. Hope heads home to check on the kids, and leaves Liam there to send updates. When Ridge steps away, Steffy tells Liam she’s scared and he relays there’s something she needs to know about Thomas. She worries he’ll start bashing Thomas, but Liam assures her he’s not a bastard; he realizes the guy is injured and was delusional. Getting to his point, Liam confesses he was wrong about what he saw between Hope and Thomas. Steffy reminds him he saw them making out. Liam hums and haws before telling her Thomas wasn’t kissing Hope — he was kissing the mannequin.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy and Liam try to work out their next move.

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