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Hope watches from outside Thomas’ hospital room, as, inside, Ridge and Steffy explain to Thomas what happened. Ridge looks out the window, makes eye contact with Hope, assures Thomas he’ll be better in no time and says, “Thanks to Hope.” Steffy and Ridge blame Thomas’ fall for his strange actions and both owe Hope for saving him. Thomas smiles. Outside Thomas’ room, Hope wonders if Liam’s still upset with her regarding Thomas. Liam vows never to question the nature of her relationship with him again. When Hope says she’d never betray Liam, he insists on telling her something. However, Ridge and Steffy appear. After Ridge briefly goes to call Taylor, and Hope heads into Thomas’ room, he soon returns and joins Steffy and Liam in discussing Thomas’ recovery. Steffy wonders if Thomas will remember his delusions with Hope. Steffy takes off to relieve the babysitter and Liam follows.

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Back in Thomas’ room, he smiles at the sight of Hope who says, “I’m so happy you’re okay.” After Hope assures Thomas that Douglas is fine, he thanks her but wonders, “Am I ever going to be okay again?” Hope listens as Thomas recalls kissing the mannequin and losing his mind.

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At Steffy’s place, she rants about Liam’s plan to tell Hope the truth about them at the hospital. Liam was so wrapped up over what he thought he saw then one thing led to another. Liam wants Steffy to know, what happened between them wasn’t just a reflex, they’ll always care about each other. Steffy insists no one can ever know. Hope will leave Liam, and Finn will leave Steffy. Liam has to be honest and plans to tell Hope he betrayed their marriage.

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Shauna arrives at the Forrester mansion. She’s surprised Quinn wanted to see her. Quinn admits she took everything for granted, where Eric was concerned, and only wanted Shauna to have the life she was fortunate enough to have. However, Quinn reminds Shauna that she not only shook up their friendship, but turned their whole worlds upside down. Shauna apologizes for the trouble she caused but promises nothing happened between her and Eric. Quinn admits she’s always been insecure and reveals she overheard Shauna defending her to Eric. She thanks Shauna for fighting for her and doesn’t know what she’d do without her. Over a glass of champagne, they talk about Eric forgiving Quinn and how badly she treated Shauna. They toast to, “Best friends forever.”

quinn yells at shauna B&B

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