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At Thomas’ place, a panicked Hope calls Finn and tells him Thomas collapsed and is unconscious. She called 911 but doesn’t know what to do. Finn advises he’s on the way over. When he gets there, Finn examines Thomas. Hope explains he was in a manic state and was having some kind of delusional episode. She gestures to the mannequin. “He was talking to this.” Hope relays that he seemed confused about which of them was the real Hope and just as she was getting through to him, he collapsed. The paramedics arrive.
Thomas unconscious B&B

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In Malibu, Steffy reminds Liam he can’t just walk away from Hope without having a conversation. She doesn’t know what she’d say, but feels they could still work it out. Liam argues he didn’t misinterpret it — Thomas was half-naked with his arms around Hope. He doesn’t know how he got to her, but he did. Liam decides there’s someone else he needs to talk to first and takes off with Steffy shouting at him not to go to her brother. After, Ridge arrives and questions seeing Liam run off. Steffy fills him in on Hope and Thomas kissing offscreen and Ridge reacts with shock. He learns that Liam came to Steffy’s after what he witnessed and never went home. Steffy explains he was in no condition to be alone and they were both stunned. She had no idea Hope was developing feelings for Thomas. Ridge wants to discuss the thing they’re dancing around. He knows how she feels about Liam and wonders what this will do to her relationship with Finn and Liam’s marriage to Hope. Steffy insists she told him to work things out with Hope, but there’s no explanation he’ll accept when it comes to Thomas. She warns Liam was on his way to Thomas’ apartment to confront him. Steffy takes a call from Finn, who tells her Thomas is in the hospital after collapsing in his apartment.
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Alone at Thomas’ apartment, Hope circles the mannequin and flashes to her recent conversations with Thomas, then to seeing him screaming at the doll. She pushes the mannequin over onto the floor. Suddenly, Liam arrives hollering for Thomas, and notes he’s not surprised to find Hope there. He starts searching for Thomas as Hope tries to tell him something happened. Liam asks if she spent the night there. Hope’s bewildered. She says something happened with Thomas and she doesn’t even know where to begin. Liam seethes that he saw everything — her and Thomas in that apartment. Hope, confused, asks, “The dinner?” Liam goes on a rant about Thomas’ sick pursuit of her and how it looks like he’s reeled her back in. “How could you do this to us?” Hope has no idea what he’s talking about. Liam saw her and Thomas together and rages, “You just destroyed our marriage!”

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