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At Thomas’ apartment door, Hope asks him to let go of the mannequin. Thomas shouts that she’s telling him to do horrible things. “She’s telling me to make you mine!” Hope protests that she isn’t real. The Hope mannequin intones, “Kiss her.” Thomas asks Hope, “Did you hear that?” The doll keeps egging Thomas on to show his feelings. He blurts, “I’m not kissing you again.” Hope, stunned, realizes he kissed the mannequin. Thomas insists the thing talks as the doll roars, “Make her yours now!” Thomas becomes distraught as he’s caught between trying to explain what’s happening to Hope and hollering at the doll that he doesn’t want her. Hope’s aghast when he yells, “I don’t want you, Hope!” Hope asks Thomas how she can help. He’s not sure. The doll barks, “Don’t listen to her!” Thomas begins to cry as Hope explains she’s real and that’s a mannequin, and adds, “It isn’t real. It isn’t me.” Thomas gasps with tearful relief and breathes, “Hope.” She asks if he’s okay. Thomas needs to tell her something. He loves her. It’s not like before, that was obsession not love. Thomas knows he seems crazy, but sobs, “I promise I’m not crazy, I’m not. I don’t know… I don’t know why.” Hope assures him it’s going to be okay; they’ll get him the help he needs. Hitting his head may have caused this and she’s here for him. Suddenly, Thomas passes out. Hope screams his name in alarm.

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In Malibu, Liam laments betraying his marriage, though points out that Hope betrayed it first by kissing Steffy’s disgusting brother. He clarifies to Steffy that he doesn’t regret what they were feeling last night, it was beautiful; it’s just the betrayal is not who he wants to be. Steffy agrees. She has a connection with Finn too and feels terrible. Liam circles back to questioning how Hope could let Thomas touch her. Steffy’s mystified about that as well. Liam wonders if some part of her enjoys the attention. Steffy proposes that perhaps Hope set Thomas straight after Liam left. Liam can’t live with it; it’s insane. If Hope has feelings for Thomas deep down, there’s only one thing for him to do — walk away from his marriage. Steffy can’t believe he’d consider that after all they’ve been through. Liam doesn’t want to, but she was kissing the guy who lied to them, manipulated them, and kept their daughter from them for months. “If that’s the guy she wants… let her have him!” He rants about how twisted it all is as Steffy pleads with him to stop. Undeterred, Liam goes on for a bit longer, pausing to point out his own indiscretion, before repeating he could deal with this if it was anyone but Thomas.
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In the Forrester office, Brooke beams at Ridge, who loves seeing her happy. She’s glad Shauna and Quinn’s plan didn’t work and feels peace is right around the corner for them and their kids. She decides they should do some matchmaking for Thomas, who is cooped up in his apartment. Ridge marvels that after everything she wants his son to be happy. She admits it would be reassuring to know that Thomas has moved on from Hope. Ridge asks her to slow down and be grateful there’s been progress. They go over how everything is going so smoothly for the kids. Brooke confesses she can’t help but worry sometimes that Thomas is still obsessed with Hope.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope calls Finn for help.

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