Steffy watches Liam rage B&B
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At the cliff house, Steffy can’t believe what Liam is telling her he saw as he rages about Hope making out with Thomas. She stands back, incredulous, as he repeats that he saw what he saw — her brother had his hands all over his wife! They pour drinks and Steffy gets snacks as they continue discussing the situation. Steffy has Liam go over what he saw again. Liam flashes to the scene and says Thomas kissed Hope and she didn’t resist at all. “How could she do that?!” Liam keeps pouring and drinking as Steffy suggests he talk to Hope — it’s just so weird. Liam doesn’t even know if this was the first time it happened. He scoffs at loving Hope’s loyalty. Liam can forgive a lot, but not this. He can’t believe that after everything this is the guy she threw their marriage away for, and reflects, “I gave up so much to be with Hope.” Steffy sips her drink and muses, “Yeah. You did.”
Liam drink B&B

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Wyatt arrives at the cabin looking for Liam, who wasn’t at the office today. Hope relays he’s not there — she’s texted him a few times but hasn’t heard back and explains he spent the day in Malibu with Steffy and Kelly. Hope reveals she had dinner at Thomas’ place and Wyatt’s taken aback… Liam doesn’t trust the guy and frankly, neither does he. Hope is no longer concerned that Thomas is a danger. She wonders if the dinner is the reason Liam hasn’t texted back. Talk turns to Thomas returning to Hope for the Future. Hope confirms he was eager for the opportunity. Wyatt’s not sure it’s worth it. Hope promises she’s being careful and will never let Thomas become her and Liam. Once alone, Hope texts Liam to see when he thinks he’ll be home. She gets a reply that something came up and he’s crashing at the office.
Hope talks to Wyatt B&B

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In Thomas’ apartment, he’s perturbed about Finn showing up unexpected and questioning if he’s okay. Finn didn’t come to make him feel uncomfortable, but asks if he has a headache. Thomas confirms he does and the interrogation isn’t helping. Finn mentions he saw Hope earlier and Thomas senses he thinks he’s still obsessed with her. Finn sees a guy who’s frustrated, fighting his innermost feelings, and who still loves Hope. Finn notes he was breathing heavily when he answered the door and seems anxious. Thomas protests that he knows what’s real and what’s not real and isn’t obsessing over Hope anymore. Once Finn leaves, Thomas calls Hope to apologize if what he said earlier freaked her out. He cares about her as Douglas’ mother. Hope recaps that they’re co-parenting and working together but she’s Liam’s wife — he’s the only man she loves. She needs him to be respectful of her husband and marriage.
Finn questions Thomas B&B

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At Steffy’s place, Liam tells his ex he told Hope he was sleeping at the office and assures her he’ll get a car to pick him up. Talk turns to them moving on from one another. Steffy confirms things are getting serious with Finn, who spends the night there a couple times a week. Liam admits it’s not easy seeing her move on. “We really had something, didn’t we?” Steffy nods. Days like today make him question his decisions. He glances at the photo of them and feels confused. Steffy urges him to talk to Hope tomorrow. Liam can’t get the devastating image out of his head and wonders if it happened for a reason. He suddenly asks, “How serious are you with Finn?” Liam has always loved her and thinks the photo on the wall could be a symbol of what could still be. He pulls her into a kiss.

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