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At the cliffhouse, Liam lets Steffy know that he’s very grateful she’s let him be such a big part of Kelly’s life despite the fact he’s with Hope. After Liam checks on his daughter, he reflects on feeling bad for Douglas for having Thomas as a father. They debate whether Thomas is using the boy to get close to Hope. Liam reminds her of his past manipulations. Steffy becomes fed up and feels her brother deserves a second chance. She doesn’t want to discuss Thomas with him. Liam agrees to a truce. Liam goes on about his great kids and tells Steffy how much he respects and admires her. They recap their day with Kelly and marvel at how fast she’s growing up. Liam can’t help himself and goes back to why Hope can’t see what Thomas is doing. He questions if he’s changed and isn’t thrilled about him being a constant in their lives.

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In Thomas’ apartment, Thomas watches Hope helping Douglas draw, then begins to hallucinate that the mannequin is telling him, “This is the night for you and Hope. Are you ready?” The doll compels him to make a move and he hisses, “Stop it!” Hope asks, “What did you say?” Thomas covers and talk turns to them working together. Thomas thanks her for dropping Douglas off. She asks if that’s her cue to go. Thomas figures Liam’s waiting for her. She relays he’s busy with Steffy. Hope gets Douglas set up in the other room with a video game, then offers for Thomas to have him over more often. Thomas lets her know that’s meaningful, then swings back to Liam being with Steffy. Hope confirms she’s free. Thomas invites her to stay for dinner and Douglas reappears to plead with her to agree. Hope can’t say no to that face. As Douglas and Hope set the table, Thomas’ vision blurs and Hope Too urges him, “Make it happen. Tonight.”
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At Forrester Creations, Paris thanks Zende for the tour and marvels how far removed it is from her real life. She doesn’t know what she did to rate a private tour, and flirts as she teases that whatever she’s doing, she should keep it up. They continue to get to know one another as Paris asks about his design career and reveals Zoe is a big fan of his. She asks to see his drawings, and Zende jokes about her being sent there as a spy. Paris shrugs that he can search her for a camera. Zende muses that sounds interesting. Paris looks at his work and thinks she sees Zoe in the model. Zende looks away before reminding her Zoe is the face of the line. He thinks Paris is pretty enough to model too. Paris jokes she’s not cut out for it, then talks about social work. They agree it’s nice getting to know one another.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Liam witnesses something shocking upon arriving at Thomas’ apartment.

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