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At the cabin, Douglas asks Hope when he can see his daddy again. It made him happy to see him today. Hope talks up how important Douglas is to Thomas. Douglas is asking if his daddy can move in there and live with them when Liam enters. He reminds Douglas he can see his father whenever he wants. Douglas is sad that he lives all by himself and persists with the idea he could move in. Hope explains she’s married to Liam so it would make things complicated. When Douglas adjourns to the bedroom, Liam questions Hope about having Thomas over there. He learns it was her idea and questions if it was a good one. Hope insists it feels different this time; she’s been on the lookout for red flags. Liam’s seen quite a few. Hope hasn’t. She’s certain she’s the last thing on Thomas’ mind.
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At Forrester Creations, Thomas tells Steffy that Douglas’ face lit up when he saw him. The visit really meant a lot. Steffy’s pleased for her brother, who says he owes it all to Hope. Steffy’s a little concerned he’s getting caught up and reminds him Hope is married to Liam. Thomas could hardly forget with Liam constantly telling him, and vows he’s not going after her again. Later, Steffy and Zende admire some designs and talk turns to Thomas being chill lately. They’re both surprised Hope agreed to work with him again.
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In the beach house, Shauna assures Quinn she’s moved out of the Forrester mansion. Quinn’s still fuming that she stayed and didn’t tell anyone. Shauna promises nothing shady happened, but Quinn questions how she’s supposed to trust her again. Wyatt tries to intervene. Shauna vows that Quinn will be living in the mansion again. Quinn’s unconvinced and envisions finding out that Shauna helped Eric pack up her things. Shauna insists she went to bat for her. Quinn makes Shauna swear on Flo’s life that nothing happened with her and Eric. Shauna’s still trying to get over Ridge, who she’s in love with. Quinn leaves for Eric’s and the others discuss the situation. Shauna confirms he’s hurt and feels betrayed. Wyatt points out it wasn’t the best idea for Shauna to stay, guest house or not. Shauna muses about the beach house being nice; she doesn’t want to go to Vegas. Wyatt assures her she’d be welcome if Quinn moves out. They’re all rooting for Eric to take her back.
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Eric finds Quinn in his living room. She takes full responsibility for what she’s done and for hurting him. Quinn’s not sure why she does this and insists she saw Brooke as a threat. They agree she’s sometimes misguided. Quinn reminds him they’re good together — she loves him and doesn’t want to live her life without him. “I hope you can forgive me enough to let me come home.” Talk turns to Shauna and Eric confirms it wasn’t romantic between them. He goes over how deeply she hurt him, and hurt two people he cares about — Brooke and Ridge. Eric’s not ready for her to be back there, not yet. Quinn declares she will put her heart and soul into proving their love is worth saving.
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At his apartment, Thomas makes notes about a dress on the mannequin, then starts telling her about his day. Snapping out of it, he decides the doll’s going back to Forrester. Hope Too begins moving and takes a step toward him. She wants to stay there with him and declares her love. Thomas squeezes his eyes open and closed and cringes.
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