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At Forrester Creations, Steffy bickers with Liam about Thomas being at the cabin with Hope. He worries her brother is once again using his son to get into Hope’s head. Steffy pipes up about how much Thomas misses being with Douglas and can’t quite understand Liam’s continued concern. Liam wishes she and Hope shared his concerns and reminds her Thomas abused his relationship with Douglas. Steffy believes children want to forgive, especially when the person is trying to make it up to them. Liam sees too many red flags and questions the wisdom of Thomas being in the boy’s life too much. Steffy maintains he’s a devoted dad, then swerves to Liam being the same thing to Kelly. Liam agrees to try and give Thomas the benefit of the doubt as a father but will always be wary when it comes to his interest in Hope.
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At the cabin, Thomas assures Douglas he’s the best kid a dad could ask for. He lets the boy know he’s always thinking about him when they’re not together. “Never forget that.” Douglas promises he won’t forget. He relays that he likes living there with Hope, Liam, and Beth, but loves his dad too. “When can we live together again?” Thomas isn’t sure, but enjoys seeing him happy there. When Douglas goes to do homework, Hope tells Thomas he really is a good father. Thomas wants to prove to everyone he can be a full-time father to Douglas. Hope recaps that he did some incredibly hurtful things, and part of her will always be guarded, but what she sees lately makes her happy. She wants what’s best for him too. Douglas reappears to show Thomas his work and Thomas gushes that he must have got his smarts from Caroline as Hope smiles.
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At the Forrester mansion, Shauna tells Eric that Quinn belongs there, not her. Eric goes over how Quinn used her in her vendetta against Brooke. Shauna went along with it, and urges him to forgive his wife and let her come home. Eric questions going back to how things were before and theorizes that sometimes loving someone isn’t enough. Shauna reminds him of their love. Eric isn’t looking forward to martini hour alone, so Shauna brings up Zende staying there. She considers Quinn her best friend, even if she doesn’t want to be right now. Eric thinks she’s really something. Shauna sees all the reasons Quinn wants him back.
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In the beach house, Flo and Wyatt go over the situation with Shauna being in the middle of Eric and Quinn. Flo’s certain she’ll move out and there’s nothing going on. Quinn enters and asked what she missed. Flo says her mom came by. Quinn wants to know what Shauna the backstabber had to say now that she’s no longer living with her husband. They debate about whether Shauna saw an opportunity. Quinn felt like she was being replaced, but it doesn’t matter because Shauna did the right thing and got the heck out. Wyatt breaks the news that she hasn’t… at least not yet. Quinn’s scandalized to learn that Eric wouldn’t let her leave. Shauna enters and Quinn levels, “How dare you?!” as she confronts her about living with Eric this entire time. Shauna denies doing anything wrong as Flo chimes in that her mother was in the guesthouse. Quinn knows she was mixing Eric’s martinis. Shauna insists she advocated for Quinn and has now moved out — she can’t live there when the house belongs to her.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope defends Thomas to Liam.

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