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At Forrester Creations, Hope and Thomas fill Steffy in on their plans to go to the cabin for a surprise visit with Douglas. Steffy can see how excited he is and compliments the work he’s been doing. After, Liam arrives and Steffy informs him Hope went home… with Thomas. Liam’s distressed and Steffy explains it was Hope’s idea. She and Hope both feel he has changed. Liam gets worked up about Thomas working his way deeper and deeper into Hope’s orbit. Steffy wants Liam to worry about him less, but Liam can’t imagine what else Thomas would have done if he hadn’t worried so much about him before.

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At the beach house, Wyatt wants to know why Shauna’s still living with Eric. “Are you trying to help my mother or are you trying to move in on her husband?” Shauna denies it. Flo intervenes to say that Shauna should move out of Eric’s house. Wyatt agrees; she should give Eric the time and space he needs. She’s a reminder of the bad things Quinn has done. Shauna argues she’s not crowding him and she’s been a friend to Quinn and Eric. Wyatt doesn’t understand why she’s fighting it. Flo reminds her she told Quinn she’d leave and it would be best if she did. She urges her mom to go over and tell Eric she’s leaving and not let him convince her to stay. After Shauna goes, Wyatt and Flo recap the situation and Wyatt rants about Quinn being under their roof — he can’t take it! Flo assures him they’re on the same page. She believes her mom knows what she has to do. Wyatt warns Shauna does not want his mother finding out she’s still living there.
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At the Forrester mansion, Eric reads a text from Quinn and looks sad and distraught. He glances at her portrait. Shauna comes in and Eric asks if she saw Quinn at the beach house. She says she didn’t, then forewarns they’ve shared their last martini hour together. Shauna explains it’s not appropriate to be living there in Quinn’s home. She now understands all the reasons her friend is so devoted to him, but they both know she can’t stay there anymore.

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At the cabin, Thomas expresses his thanks to Hope for giving him this time. Hope assures him she never wanted to keep him and Douglas apart. Hope relays Douglas is on his way and Thomas goes over how he asked the boy to lie. He’s been soul-searching and spending time alone. Hope teases, “Not exactly alone.” Thomas grins that spending time with her mannequin isn’t like spending time with her. Hope loves his designs and if the mannequin is helping with that, he should follow his inspiration. He’s grateful for her support and never wants to let her down ever again. Douglas arrives and Thomas tells him how much he’s missed him. Father and son express their love and embrace.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Quinn finds out Shauna’s secret.

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