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At Forrester Creations, Hope, Steffy, and Zende debate a swatch of fabric before a distracted Zende reveals that Zoe and Carter may be engaged. Hope and Steffy are happy for them. Thomas enters, hears the news, and feels Zoe deserves real love after what he put her through. He’s sorry for the things he’s done. Talk turns to the great design team of Thomas and Zende. Steffy compliments Zende, and Hope tells Thomas she’s glad to have him back.

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In the design office, Carter makes a speech to Paris about how happy he intends to make Zoe, who shows off her engagement ring. They recap how the fire alarm interrupted Carter’s proposal and Zoe confirms that Zende knows as she flashes to her conversation with him. Paris goes over how everyone forgave Zoe, whose life is fabulous now. The group jokes about Carter officiating all the Forrester weddings, of which there are a lot, and then Paris suggests she should be the Maid of Honor and Zende the Best Man. As they continue wedding planning, Zende enters, spots the rock on Zoe’s finger, and learns the nuptials will be sooner rather than later. Zende muses about not letting love slip away and wishes them the best. Once alone, Zoe asks Zende what he was about to tell her the other night; it sounded important. Zende flashes to the unsent text and says it doesn’t matter anymore.
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In the main office, Steffy’s surprised Thomas is okay collaborating with Zende. Thomas says they’re all in this together and acknowledges he would have tried to compete with Zende in the past, but he wants the best for Hope and her line. After Steffy exits, Thomas tells Hope how grateful he is to be working together again. The best gift he ever gave Douglas was her. He’s most ashamed of using his son and marvels that it didn’t change him. Hope suggests they go to the cabin and see him. Thomas would love nothing more.
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At the beach house, Wyatt wants to get Flo out of her swimsuit but she reminds him Quinn could walk in any minute. He thinks the mother they should be concerned about is hers. Flo’s puzzled; it’s Quinn that won’t give them a minute of alone time. Wyatt agrees they have to get her out and back to Eric’s, which would be easier if Shauna would move out. Flo thought she had, but Wyatt explains she’s still there. Flo’s flummoxed; why wouldn’t she tell her? Wyatt thinks Quinn had good intentions in helping Shauna land Ridge and knew she was risking her marriage to help her. He doesn’t understand how Shauna can stay there. Shauna enters and explains that Eric insisted. Flo complains about Shauna being out of touch. Shauna’s sorry. Wyatt wonders how she can call herself her mom’s friend while living at her husband’s house. Shauna replies, “Eric wouldn’t hear of it.” She adds that he may not be able to forgive Quinn. Wyatt and Flo question her lobbying on Quinn’s behalf. Shauna admits she’s not making progress. Wyatt suggests she pack up and move out. He wonders if she perhaps has other motives — like taking his mother’s place in Eric’s life.

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